Research holds the key to a better future


Associate Professor Anthony Don is leading an exciting new research project into remyelination. Ongoing research like his is bringing a cure for MS closer every day.

The only way to find a cure for MS is through research. Right here in Australia, talented scientists are leading ground-breaking research projects that are searching for new and better ways to treat MS.  

Associate Professor Don is one of them. With help from supporters like you, he has been awarded a grant to fund ongoing research that could have a huge impact on the lives of people with MS for generations to come.  

Associate Professor Don is studying the way the immune system of people with MS attacks the coating of nerves – known as myelin sheaths – and creates the symptoms of MS. He’s working to discover if there is a way of encouraging the body to repair those myelin sheaths – a process called remyelination.  

There are currently no therapies that stimulate remyelination, but Associate Professor Don is investigating whether a naturally occurring molecule called S1P can help protect and repair myelin. If that’s the case, it could open the way to the development of drugs that mimic the actions of SP1 – and bring us closer than ever to finding a cure for MS.  

“I will be able to use this knowledge in designing drugs that are intended specifically to stimulate myelin repair in MS,” says Associate Professor Don.  

These new drugs could reverse the symptoms of MS and make a better future for people living with the disease.  

Thanks to the investment of people like you, a total of 60 investigator-led projects received continued funding in 2021.  

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