3 April 2019

Land acquisition marks starting point of bright future for the MS community

Residents, MS team members and Friends of Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL) may be aware that earlier this week, Property NSW placed a notice in local newspapers advertising the acquisition of land at Lidcombe NSW, where the Studdy MS Centre is located. 

This announcement signals the commencement of a process for the development of a masterplan for the site, by Property NSW. This is in keeping with the MSL Board’s vision for supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis.

A Property NSW spokesperson  has confirmed that The Minister for Public Works has acquired a 5.9-hectare Crown Land site at 80 Betty Cuthbert Drive, Lidcombe and Property NSW will develop a masterplan for the site that is proposed to include a mix of education, healthcare and residential uses. 

“Part of the site is currently utilised by Multiple Sclerosis Limited, however its facilities are no longer fit for purpose.  As part of the masterplan, Property NSW is working with Multiple Sclerosis Limited with consideration to its future service delivery requirements.”

MSL Chief Executive Officer, John Blewonski, said he was pleased Property NSW was now in a position to announce the commencement of the planning process.

“This heralds an exciting new phase for MSL and its commitment to providing services to people affected by multiple sclerosis,” Mr Blewonski said.

“The Board has commenced a detailed Strategic Planning process which includes the identification of the most appropriate infrastructure to achieve its vision of supporting people to live well with MS. This announcement will mean that we can move forward with confidence in terms of planning for the future of the John Studdy Centre which has served as an integral part of the MS Community in NSW for over 30 years.”

Mr Blewonski said that the Board and management would keep residents and MS team members updated as the planning process proceeds. 

“We look forward to involving the MS Community in the development and design of the new facilities to support the implementation of our new Operating Model”, said Mr Blewonski.

Permanent residents at the Studdy MS Centre will, in the next few months, relocate to the new purpose designed Beverly Hills residential facility and through the planning process careful consideration will also be given to the temporary location of other services currently on site at Lidcombe during any future construction phase.

Enquiries  from the MS Community surrounding the Planning Process should be directed to MS Connect on 1800 042 138 or msconnect@ms.org.au.

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