Intouch magazine survey results

To get to know our readers better and find out what they think of Intouch magazine, we recently conducted a survey.
354 people completed the survey, providing us with valuable insights into what our readers love about Intouch magazine and areas for improvement.
We thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us - your feedback will help shape the content we deliver in the upcoming editions of Intouch magazine.

Survey highlights

  • We received responses from all the states in which we operate: 45% from VIC, 44% from NSW, 5% from the ACT and 5% from TAS.
  • The majority of respondents were women aged 40 plus.
  • Overall, the look and feel of Intouch magazine was well rated, with 94% of respondents giving it a score of good to excellent.
  • The magazine’s content was also well rated, with 90% of respondents giving it a score of good to excellent.    
  • In order of preference, here are the top three topics that respondents said they’d like to see more of:
    1. information about the latest treatments and research related to MS (73%)
    2. advice from medical experts (64%)
    3. practical tips and information on living well with MS (62%).
  • When asked how they believe Intouch magazine adds value to their lives, 59% of respondents said that the magazine keeps them informed about MSL’s services and support available.
  • The majority of respondents indicated that they would like to keep receiving Intouch magazine quarterly and in a printed format.
  • To gain a deeper understanding of how we can add more value to Intouch magazine, we also asked respondents to make comments. From their comments, we learnt that our readers:
    • like receiving Intouch magazine because they find it interesting and informative, and it helps them feel connected to the MS community
    • tend to read the stories that are most relevant to them
    • love reading stories about other people with MS and stories that help them stay up to date with MS research and treatments.
  • The comments also revealed other topics our readers would like us to cover:
    1. what’s available for people living in regional areas
    2. content that’s inclusive of the different types of MS
    3. how to access services and funding options
    4. symptom management
    5. opportunities to interact with the magazine by sharing their thoughts and asking questions (such as via a ‘letters’ page)
    6. information about accessibility aids  
    7. activities readers can get involved in, including ways to connect with others

How will MSL leverage this feedback?
The feedback will help shape the content we deliver in the upcoming editions of Intouch magazine, to make sure this resource continues being of value to our readers.

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If you would like to see the complete survey results, view the PDF here.

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