Community Visitors Scheme

CVS The Community Visitors Scheme is all about supporting older Australians who are socially isolated and in need of someone to talk to, interact with, and do activites with.

This Australian Government initiative arranges for volunteers to visit people receiving aged care services through both residential and home care.

We are proud to be an auspice of the Community Visitors Scheme, which we’ve been doing since 1992.

Our role is to recruit, train and support volunteers to visit socially or culturally isolated people who live in Aged Care Homes. The visits are conducted on a one-to-one basis or within a group setting.

Our volunteers also visit older people who live in their own home who receive a Home Care Package.

Who we help: recipients of the Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme was developed to meet the needs of people receiving aged care services who are feeling isolated and might benefit from companionship.

Recipients must be residing in a Commonwealth funded Aged Care Home or living in their own home and receiving a home care package.

Isolation can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • lack of regular and frequent contact with friends and family members
  • an Indigenous, culturally or linguistically diverse background that results in isolation from culture and heritage
  • frailty or impairment that prevents involvement or participation in social or leisure activities
  • visits that do not enhance the quality of life of the recipient
  • being different in some way

Download CVS brochure (also available in other languages, to request please contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138. 

Becoming a volunteer

We encourage you to read about what a CVS volunteer does, and consider applying to become a volunteer. If you have questions you'd like to ask us about how CVS works, you are welcome to call us on 03 9845 2729, or email us at:

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