Volunteer stories

Thousands of people just like you have found meaningful ways to give back to the community by volunteering. Read their stories and discover how you can make a difference and feed your passions through volunteering.

Maria Fry
Maria Fry – Phone Peer Support Volunteer – Parents connecting with Parents.

Maria trained as a Peer Support Volunteer in 2004. She has been providing incredible support to other parents of children & teens with MS.

Maria will often share the various strategies she has used in supporting her daughter who was diagnosed at 14 and is now 27. Most importantly she believes it is the reassurance of talking to another parent who can relate to your situation and provide a sense of hope. → read more

MS Event Volunteers
All MS Fundraising Events

Our team of MS Event Volunteers has over 1500 active members throughout the year. Together they contribute an invaluable amount of time, dedication and skills to the 20+ fundraising events we hold annually, including the Gong Ride, MS Cycle, Mega Swims and our beloved Walk + Fun Run. In 2019 our event volunteers have already contributed over 2300 hours, assisting us in fundraising over $1.5 million dollars to support those living with MS. → read more

MS Gong Ride

Meet Gilbert, he's 85 years 'young' and has been supporting MS for over 40 years – first participating and now volunteering for over 25 years!

He's the Gong Ride's oldest volunteer, but there's no stopping him! → read more

Gaye Brown
MS Gift Wrapping and MS Gong Ride

Gaye first started volunteering in 2009 after her god daughter was diagnosed with MS. Gaye volunteers every year at the MS Sydney to the Gong Ride, and has also supported us with the Gift Wrapping Campaign.

She loves to volunteer and gets so much out of it - she has even made some friends whom she sees at the Loftus Rest Site each year as they hand out muffins and coffee to the Gong Ride participants. → read more

The Breen family
MS Gong Ride and Sydney MS Walk + Fun Run

"Today Sector B, tomorrow the world!"

Meet the Breens - Mark, Terri, Amy, Kate and Rhianna!

Mark first supported MS in the nineties - enjoying the MS Gong Ride as a participant. After a friend of his daughter was diagnosed with MS, Mark was inspired to get involved again, and in 2010 took part in the ride and also put his body on the line for fundraising - waxing his body for donations! → read more

The Allsop-Guest Family
BBQ Team at the Sydney MS Walk + Fun Run

Phill first started volunteering in 1998 in the MS Office, however "jumped at the chance" to man the MS BBQ at the Sydney MS Walk + Fun Run the following year - and has been doing it ever since!

Phill and his wife Lyn volunteered at the BBQ for a few years, and then their daughters Phoebe and Amy joined in! → read more

Julie Piper
MS Community Shops - Monbulk

One amazing dedicated volunteer who continues to give her time and effort in managing our Monbulk Shop. Julie (pictured far left) originally retired from retail to raise her family eventually joined our MS Shops team and brought with her great skills, a love of music and old items. → read more

Bill Hardy
MS Community Visitors Scheme

They say that finding an honest car salesman is like finding a day in Melbourne where the weather doesn’t change. Difficult.

But for Bill Hardy and Denis Bourke, the stereotype well and truly fell by the wayside when they found themselves sitting at the wheel of a brand-new Mustang Convertible GT V8 one Friday morning. → read more

Nancy Campbell
MS Community Shops

“I feel good knowing that I’m contributing and helping people living with multiple sclerosis”

My name is Nancy Campbell, and I’ve been volunteering at the Geelong MS Community Shop since November 2013.

Prior to that, I hadn’t worked in years and I was keen to start doing so again as a volunteer. I approached Volunteers Geelong, who suggested an op-shop might be a good fit for me. → read more

Goodman for Multiple Sclerosis

For over ten years Goodman staff have sent a team of cyclists to Wollongong in the MS Gong ride, raising important funds for MS and the people living with multiple sclerosis. The ‘Green Machine’ team faced strong head winds this year but made it safely down the coastal roads to the “Gong”.→ read more

Melanie Issacs
MS Community Shops

“The camaraderie between the volunteers is so friendly”

My name is Melanie Issacs and I began volunteering at the Malvern MS Community Shop in 2011, shortly after it opened.

It was good timing. I’d recently left my previous employment after 27 years and was looking for something new to occupy my time. I was driving along Glenferrie Road and saw the big red signs on the shop windows looking for volunteers. → read more

Always willing to lend a hand to MS

For the past six years, DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club has provided much-needed volunteer support to our office based in Lidcombe, NSW.

Every month or so we receive an email asking whether we need help in administration or the garden, and once we confirm assistance is required, a DOOLEYS staff member spends a day helping with whatever tasks and jobs need to be done.

The DOOLEYS Community Volunteering Program encourages staff to engage with the local community while lending a helping hand to community organisations.→ read more

Community Volunteering Day
Lendlease community day

The staff from Lendlease were at it again this year, supporting MS through their Community Volunteering Day. Lendlease has been a strong supporter of MS for the past six years, assisting by painting and carrying out general maintenance each year at the MS Studdy Centre in Lidcombe. → read more

Peer Support

“You are not alone. We are all here walking along side you through your journey”

My name is Debra Pope, and I am a Peer Support volunteer and a member of the Multiple Sclerosis Advisory Council of Victoria.

I have been an active Peer Support person since 2004. I first started with phone support. Frome there I moved into an online Peer Support moderator role with a peer chatroom called MC2. → read more

Social Support Day Program

Angela has been with us for a mere 5 weeks and in that time has pushed wheelchairs for a Social Support Day Program outing at the NGV, walked a cute little pug because it’s too hard for some people with multiple sclerosis to exercise their furry friends and now after having moved to a regional city. → read more

Beth Gibberd
MS Community Visitors Scheme

My highlights during our visits are when Brian is having a good day and opens up about his past or shows genuine happiness that we are out walking. I also love watching my daughter make strong connections with Brian and the other residents.

Our visits consist of us taking Brian outside for a walk, sometimes it's long sometimes it's only a block depending on how far he wants to go. If he doesn't feel like walking we have a coffee with him in his room and we always pop in to see some other residents. → read more

Fran Smith
MS Community Visitors Scheme

Fran is a Human resources manager who admits that her work taught her great communication skills and quite a bit about people. This, along with spending a lot of time in her youth visiting McCullouch House - an aged care home - McCullough House in Clayton - where her grandmother was the Life Governor -has given her a wonderful set of skills for communicating with older people.

After she retired, Fran found herself getting bored and needed to do something. So, she decided to become a volunteer. → read more

David Miller
Peer Support Group Facilitator – Blackburn Carers Peer Support Group

David has been a peer support volunteer since 2015. He has been attending the carers peer support group since 2006.

David supports his wife who has multiple sclerosis. He is aware of the importance of supporting carers to enable them to continue their caring role and to ensure their own physical and mental health is maintained. David has been a participant of the Blackburn carers group for over ten years. → read more

William Morison
MS Community Visitors Scheme


Hi, my name is William Morison but everyone calls me Bill. I was born on 5th March 1944 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand until 9th May 1997 when I moved to Australia, after both my parents had passed away, to be with my family here in Lakes Entrance.

I took up work with Gippsland Lakes Community Health (GLCH) as a personal care worker and worked with them for 9 years until I retired at 63 mainly due to health issues and did a 4 year stint as Director on the Board of Management for GLCH. → read more


Terry Newton
MS Community Visitors Scheme

Terry commenced visiting Gerard, initially at an Aged Care Facility in Sunbury (a suburb where they both resided) in January 2006. Gerard at some point was transferred to Costa House in Lara where he now resides. Terry lives in Macedon and travels to see Gerard once a fortnight on his way down to his holiday house in Airleys Inlet.

Terry is an ex-school teacher and has lived with his partner Joyce for 40+ years. Stella, Terry's dog accompanies Terry on his fortnightly visits to Gerard. → read more

Sophie Stringer
PMS Peer Support Program

My name is Sophie and I have been a Peer Support Volunteer since 2013. I love facilitating our support groups and spending time with other people living with MS. I find helping people share their stories about living with MS very uplifting and humbling. I enjoy spending time together and have made some great friends along the way. → read more

Anna de Montignie
MS Community Visitors Scheme

It is in the giving that we receive!

How true are these words. The day I received a pamphlet about the MS Community Visitors Scheme in my letterbox was the day I realized that I had an opportunity to share my enthusiasm, my compassion and my overabundance of love with someone who needed them. → read more

Antonella Rizio
MS Community Visitors Scheme

I grew up in Glen Iris and I am the eldest of six children. My parents emigrated to Australia from Italy in the 1950's. They were married in 1963 and lived in Clifton Hill. i was born in 1964 and then a year later my brother was born.

Mum fell pregnant again in 1967 and that is why they moved to Glen Iris, because the needed a bigger house. My first language was Italian, as my parents didn't speak much English. We were brought up Catholic, going to private Catholic schools. → read more

Various volunteering roles

Richard has been a “Richard of all trades” helping people with multiple sclerosis get to medical appointments, pack and unpack for the big move, push wheelchairs for Social Support Day Program outings and pick up furniture from the Eastern Emergency Relief Network when the need has arisen for four years now. → read more

Lauren Heard
MS Community Visitors Scheme

I have been volunteering with the MS Community Visitors Scheme for 2-and-a-half years. I'm a qualified paramedic and work in the Latrobe Valley. I enjoy enjoy snowboarding and spends a week at Mt Hotham each year at the snow. I also have a pet miniature goat called Sheldon.

As part of my university degree, I was required to complete a number of volunteer hours and the Community Visitors Scheme appealed because of the nature of the work. Since finishing my studies, I have continued visiting as it is a wonderful community opportunity. → read more

Penni Leemans
MS Community Visitors Scheme

I'm originally from Perth but have lived in Melbourne for more than 10 years. I used to be a social worker which was a role I found to be rewarding but challenging. I moved on to working in financial planning, and have 3 young children (7, 5 and almost 2).

As we live in Melbourne without extended family, I felt that my girls were missing out on interactions with older people and I could see that when we visited my own grandmother in Perth how much they (and she) got out of it. → read more

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