World MS Day 2019

My Invisible MS

world MS day
World MS Day is officially marked on 30 May every year, and events and campaigns take place throughout the month to help raise awareness and bring the global MS community together.

This year’s theme is My Invisible MS.

The campaign aims to give a voice to everyone affected by multiple sclerosis, as well as a platform to share experiences with invisible symptoms, and to challenge common misconceptions about the condition.

This year, we are hosting a World MS Day symposium in Newcastle which will explore new and upcoming medications, treatments and approaches to managing multiple sclerosis. Download the program.

The Symposium and livestream have now finished, however you can watch each of the presentations from the day below:

Welcome & Acknowledgement to country


Prof Jeannette Lechner Scott - Current understandings of multiple sclerosis

Presentation slides: Prof Jeannette Lechner-Scott: Current Understanding of MS

Dr Luke Smith - Cognitive changes in multiple sclerosis and strategies that help

Presentation slides: Dr Luke Smith: Cognitive Changes in MS & Strategies that can Help

Nicola Postol - Determining the merits of a rehabilitation robot in people with multiple sclerosis

Presentation slides: Ms Nicola Postol: Determining the potential merits of a rehabilitation robot in people with MS

Jameen ARM - Fatigue management

Presentation slides: Mr Jameen ARM: Understanding Central Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis

Nicola Graham - Fatigue management strategies

Presentation slides: Ms Nicola Graham: MS Fatigue Management Strategies

Services Overview and Close

Presentation slides: Amanda Lydon: John Hunter Hospital Neurology Department/MS Clinic - Who we are and What we do

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