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Multiple sclerosis can impact a person’s everyday life in many ways, and sometimes all that’s needed is step-by-step tips and tricks. We’re here to provide people living with multiple sclerosis with practical, real-world advice about things such as driving, finances, benefits and entitlements, travel, eligibility for services, supporting carers, legal issues, telling their loved ones about their diagnosis and much more.

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Right from the time of diagnosis, living with multiple sclerosis is a learning experience – and with the unpredictability of symptoms and related issues, it’s often a case of learning as you go.

Terri, 47, was diagnosed in October 2014 and hadn’t thought much about multiple sclerosis in relation to driving – until an article in our Intouch eNewsletter alerted her to the legal requirement that people notify their state road authority of their diagnosis.

We’d advertised a Driving and Multiple Sclerosis webinar, hosted by occupational therapist and qualified driver assessor Mary-Ann Calabrese. Terri saw this as the perfect opportunity to bank some practical knowledge about the impacts her condition might have on her driving, and the ways to ensure she could continue to do so safely. 

“I didn’t know about the driving requirement until then, and just wanted to know more information about that, as it relates to me,” Terri says. “I don’t have any level of impairment at the moment, but I wanted to know what could potentially happen should I develop any level of impairment. 

“Hearing from the OT what steps I might go through was reassuring – I’d rather know up front what to expect than get a surprise later. And it was also reassuring that I wouldn’t instantly lose my ability to drive, and that there’s assessment and testing to ensure I’ll be safe, as will the public.”

Terri was one of 37 people who tuned in to the webinar that day, and highlights just one way in which we help to provide everyday tips and tricks for the MS community that can make a tangible difference in their lives. 
“It was really good to get some detail and clarity about the subject from an expert,” she says.

Living with multiple sclerosis can impact on all kinds of practical, everyday things. We're here to help you gather information and to give you practical advice.

Transitioning into Supported Accommodation (Moving Well)

Are you struggling to remain living at home?  If so this webinar recording  presented by Stephanie Symes will be of interest to you and your family.  It will empower and inform your decision about supported accommodation and to help you take control of your situation and consider whether you could stay at home after all with some extra help, or if not, how to make the best experience of supported accommodation

Webinar Handouts : Transitioning into Supported Accommodation
Additional Handouts : My Support Plan & Questions to ask before deciding

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