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Travelling with MS including travel insurance

Planning a holiday? This webinar will give you advice and ideas to make your trip a success. Presented by Katie Malone, MS Connect Specialist and Tom Cobban, Lawyer and legal expert supporting people with disabilities. (Recorded 13 March 2019)

Handout: Travelling and Multiple Sclerosis

Additional resource
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Information sheet : Travel Insurance for people with chronic illness Icon


Take Control - Willls and Powers of Attorney

Information provided by Rabia Javed from Slater and Gordon Lawyers. (Recorded Feb 2016)

Handout : Take Control - Wills and Powers of Attorney

Please contact MS Connect for further advice and information about the Powers of Attorney in your state.

Take Control and Plan Ahead

Office of the Public Advocate - Powers of attorney
Victoria Legal Aid - publications & resources

Legal Aid NSW - Order a publication
Public Guardian

Additional resource
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Information sheet : Powers of Attorney Icon
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Information sheet : Why have a will? Icon

Conversation with Centrelink - Special Disability Trusts

A Special Disability Trust (SDT) is a trust established primarily by a family member to provide for the current and future care and accommodation needs of a person with a sever disability or medical condition. (Recorded October 2016)

Handout: Conversation with Centrelink - Special Disability Trust

Additional resources
Contacts for free Super and Insurance advice for MS clients
SDT Estate Planning
Model trust deed for Special Disability Trusts
Special Disability Trusts: Getting Things Sorted
Special Disability Trusts: Questions and Answers
Social Security (Special Disability Trust - Discretionary Spending) (FaHCSIA) Determination 2013
Wellbeing support: Financial and Legal Planning
Wellbeing support: Planning for future care

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