Family & carer information

Multiple sclerosis can have a significant impact on the lives of family members and friends of a person living with the disease.
Our Family Matters information series offers useful guidelines so that family members and friends can understand the challenges they may face and the strategies that they can adopt to manage better.
  1. Learning to Live with MS: An Introduction
This booklet focuses on some of the immediate issues that you and your family may experience when someone close to you is newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  1. Living Well with MS
This booklet is designed to help you on your journey alongside the person living with multiple sclerosis. Being a carer can be demanding so you need to maintain your own health and wellbeing. Knowing how to manage multiple sclerosis, as well as making improvements to your own lifestyle, can make it easier for you to provide support.
  1. Caring for a Person with MS
As a family member or carer, knowing how to access support, services and advice can help you to manage the changes that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis may bring. This knowledge also enables you to better assist the person living with multiple sclerosis.

There is peer support available for carers which includes phone support, online groups and face to face groups. Find out what groups are available.

Other Programs

  • Carers NSW Carer Wellbeing Group: 12 February to 19 March 2019. Carers NSW is running a Carer Wellbeing Group via phone for carers of people living with a disability, mental illness, drug and alcohol dependency, chronic condition, or frail aged in NSW. For more information please click here to view the flyer.
  • Carers NSW CALD Carer Wellbeing Talk-Link: 4 April to 9 May 2019. Carers NSW is running a Carer Wellbeing group via phone for culturally diverse carers whose first language is not English. This will be starting in April 2019. For more information please click here to view the flyer.
  • What's On in postive ageing (Tasmania)
  • Personal Alarms information (Tasmania)
  • Carer Gateway: Funded by the Australian Government this is a new, national service which provides information and practical resources to assist cares. You can find information about local support such as respite services, financial and legal considerations and even information on how to look after yourself when caring for someone else. 
  • CaringKids: CaringKids is a registered children's charity that provides practical in-home support for young people, aged 18 years or less, who help care for a family member with a disability or chronic illness. Services are free for eligible families living in Randwick and Waverley local government areas. To find out more about how they help young carers, visit
  • Brainwave: aims to provide practical assistance and emotional support to children with neurological conditions as well as their families and carers to positively impact their quality of life. They organise activities including family camps and also can provide in some instances with financial support or funding for equipment. (Victoria and NSW) 
If you are interested in the above programs please contact the organisation directly as per the flyer.

Webinar Recordings

How can I help someone living with MS?

When someone is diagnosed with MS, learning about the disease and what to expect is really important. That applies to family members and friends too. So for family and friends we will explore the ways in which you can help, as well as things that may not be so supportive. Join MS Nurse Advisor, Bridie Phillips for a conversation about how to navigate this experience.. (Recorded 16 September 2020)

Webinar handouts: How can I help someone living with MS?

How can I help someone newly diagnosed with MS?

When a family member or friend is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis it is important that everyone has some understanding of what the disease is, and how best to provide support. While this is different for each individual, our MS Nurse Advisor, Jane Bridgman will shed some light of what’s helpful and what’s not. (Recorded 26 August 2020)

Webinar handouts: How can I help someone newly diagnosed with MS?

Supporting Carers - what is available?

This short video provides an overview of: Carer’s contribution; definition of a carer; carer’s needs; what can carers do?; impact of care on the carer’s life and stress and how can carers continue caring. Comprehensive resources (i.e. supports options for carers) are included from approximately the 16 minutes mark. (Recorded Aug 2018)


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