Pregnancy with MS

Multiple Sclerosis can have a huge impact on your livelihood, but it can be even more difficult when you are with child or trying for children. We want to ensure that all families are well informed of the relation between MS and pregnancy and provide the necessary support during these difficult periods.

We endeavour to provide Australians with ongoing support and information on living with MS, whether it is you or a loved one experiencing it. Diagnosis of MS can be a difficult period of life, but with the right guidance and information you can learn how to better manage symptoms, and the condition overall. 

Answering the burning questions regarding MS during pregnancy 

MS Limited conducted a webinar in July/2015 with Dr. Anneke Van Der Walt which focused on pregnancy and MS*. This webinar can provide you with essential guidance and information on burning questions you may have if you are trying to conceive or already pregnant. You can also look into our further readings & resources to learn more about motherhood and MS. 

Dr. Van Der Walt covered the following questions:

  • Does MS affect my fertility?
  • How does pregnancy affect MS?
    • Will I get attacks?
    • Will I be more likely to become secondary progressive?
  • Does pregnancy cause multiple sclerosis?
  • Does my MS affect pregnancy outcomes?
  • What happens to my medication during pregnancy?
  • Can I breastfeed?
  • What is the risk of my child to have MS?

Recorded 21 August 2019
Handouts: Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis

Further Reading and Resources * Always consult with your GP for individual advice on your particular situation and needs.

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