Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis

Join Associate Professor Anneke Van Der Walt as we focus on pregnancy and MS*. 

A/Prof Van Der Walt will discuss how pregnancy may affect MS, the impact of MS treatments during pregnancy and discuss many frequently asked questions about pregnancy and MS. A/Prof Van Der Walt covered the following questions:

  • Does MS affect my fertility?
  • How does pregnancy affect MS?
    • Will I get attacks?
    • Will I be more likely to become secondary progressive?
  • Does pregnancy cause multiple sclerosis?
  • Does my MS affect pregnancy outcomes?
  • What happens to my medication during pregnancy?
  • Can I breastfeed?
  • What is the risk of my child to have MS?

Recorded 21 August 2019
Handouts: Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis

Further Reading and Resources * Always consult with your GP for individual advice on your particular situation and needs.


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