Sexuality & relationships

Sexual problems are very common for both men and women in the general community. 
Some people living with multiple sclerosis may be concerned about a number of sexual issues including function, fertility and pregnancy. Loved ones may also be emotionally affected, trying to deal with the diagnosis and its ramifications.
Multiple sclerosis can impact sexuality by:

  • lesions directly affecting neural pathways for sexual function (such as altered sensation and libido)
  • symptom-related complications (such as fatigue, pain and limited movement)
  • the psychological, emotional or cultural impact of living with multiple sclerosis (such as depression, body image and role changes).

There are many strategies you can use to help address these issues, including medications, exercises, mindfulness and psychology.

Sex life and MS

Sex can be difficult to talk about at the best of times. Taking away the stigma by being open about the challenges of sex and MS is an important way of improving quality of life. Watch the #SexlifeandMS animation

Building Healthy Relationships

Relationships can be tricky at the best of times. Join Counsellor, Helen Diamond as she shares her wisdom on building better relationships for you and your partner. She covers lots of helpful information, including the "love language". Do you show love by giving gifts or telling people in words? Or are you a person who shows they love someone by acts of service such as filling the car up with petrol of cooking dinner? Understanding the ways we show and give love can really help build positive relationships. (Recorded 18 June 2020)

Webinar Handouts: Building Healthy Relationships, Sound Relationships booklet 

How to be a sexual woman with a diagnosis of MS

Intimacy and sexuality are major contributors to our quality of life and can be significantly affected by a chronic illness such a progressive neurological disease. Dr Margaret Redelman will discuss how a woman with multiple sclerosis can be a confident, sexual woman. She will address concerns and issues such as lowered libido, orgasm difficulties and continence fears. She will also cover some of the key relationship concerns and provide some great tips on positions and toys that can help. (Recorded 8 September 2021)

Webinar Handout: How to be a sexual woman with a diagnosis of MSIntimacy and Sexuality in MS

Our MS Consultants can support you through this. Please contact MS Connect™ (Freecall 1800 042 138 or email for more information.
You can also learn more from our Sexuality education programs.


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