Sexuality & relationships

Sexual problems are very common for both men and women in the general community. 
Some people living with multiple sclerosis may be concerned about a number of sexual issues including function, fertility and pregnancy. Loved ones may also be emotionally affected, trying to deal with the diagnosis and its ramifications.
Multiple sclerosis can impact sexuality by:

  • lesions directly affecting neural pathways for sexual function (such as altered sensation and libido)
  • symptom-related complications (such as fatigue, pain and limited movement)
  • the psychological, emotional or cultural impact of living with multiple sclerosis (such as depression, body image and role changes).

There are many strategies you can use to help address these issues, including medications, exercises, mindfulness and psychology.


Sexuality & multiple sclerosis

No one likes to talk about it but multiple sclerosis can have an impact on your sexual relationships, learn a bit more, get some strategies and be encouraged to have the conversation with your medical practitioners to solve any possible problems.

Presented by Narelle Higson, MS WA Occupational Therapist

(Recorded March 2015) Our MS Consultants can support you through this. Please contact MS Connect™ (Freecall 1800 042 138 or email for more information.
You can also learn more from our Sexuality education programs.


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