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Superannuation & Employment during the COVID-19 Pandemic - You Can Ask That!

With the impact of COVID-19, we have seen the rapid introduction of the JobKeeper Scheme, adjustments to the Fair Work Act, new provisions for early access to superannuation and more. These changes sometimes raise more questions than answers – who can access these schemes?; how will these changes impact my life now and into the future?; does JobKeeper impact someone working and on a Disability Support Pension? And the list goes on… Join the team at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers to co-host a webinar and clarify some of these questions, helping you understand how COVID-19 can impact your superannuation and employment. 

(Recorded 21 May 2020)

Financial Stability during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nicola Beswick, Senior Adviser at GFM Wealth Advisory will discuss some strategies to stay financially stable during these challenging times. Nicola will cover: what’s going on in the investment markets; what the Govt has done in terms of stimulus and benefits; what benefits exist and what you can consider as part of your plan. 

(Recorded 3 April 2020)
Handouts: Financial Stability during the COVID-19 Pandemic Info sheet: Understanding AP DSP CSCH LIHC Apr 2020 Info sheet: Early Access to Superannuation Apr 2020 Info sheet: Additional income suport payments Apr 2020

ProBono Financial Service - Taking Control of your Finances 

‘When a little advice can help a lot.’ The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network is an industry-wide collaboration across the financial services industry that connects financial advisers who are willing to give pro bono (free) financial advice. 

Join Nicola Beswick, Senior Adviser at GFM Wealth Advisory as she discusses a case-study of Debbie, a 60 year-old who wants to take control of her financial future. Nicola will share some financial advice strategies that may also be relevant to you. 

(Recorded 29 October 2019)
Handouts: Taking Control of your Finances

Understanding your superannuation

Learn more about the features of superannuation, what you’re entitled to and how to maximise your superannuation benefits.

The following webinar is presented by John Berrill, Insurance and Superannuation lawyer from Berrill and Watson Lawyers. 

(Recorded February 2020)
Handouts: Understand your Superannuation

The following webinar is presented by Sarah Snowden, the Victorian State Practice Group Leader for Superannuation and Disability Insurance at Slater and Gordon Lawyers

(Recorded February 2019)
Handouts: Superannuation Disability Insurance Benefits for those living with Mutliple Sclerosis

The following webinar is presented by Rhys Chamberlain, Superannuation specialist from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. 

(Recorded August 2017)

Additional resource
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Information sheet : Death & Terminal Illness Benefits Icon
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Information sheet : Early Access to Super Icon
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Understanding your Superannuation Handout Icon

Financial advice - what do I need to know?

Health & Finance Integrated (HFI) aims to assist people in finding solutions best suited to their unique situations and to alleviate the anxiety of dealing with the financial, legal, social welfare and social services systems. More about HFI.

Working with MS - Financial Advice with HFI - Simplifying your finances 

Do you have questions related to the financial implications of living with multiple sclerosis? Health & Finance Integrated (HFI) assists people living with disability to deal with the financial, legal, social welfare and social services systems.


(Recorded March 2017). Webinar handout: Working with MS - Financial Advice with HFI - Simplifying your finances

Early Retirement and certainty

People living with multiple sclerosis who retire early from the work-force have many questions such as:
What are my entitlements in regard to Housing and Centrelink?
How does superannuation work to benefit me?
What about my loans?
Can I work part time or from home and remain entitled?
Health & Finance Integrated (HFI) will explore these questions and more.

(Recorded Oct 2016)
Webinar Handouts : Early retirement and certainty

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