Driving and MS

Driving a motor vehicle is a complex task requiring perception, good judgement, responsiveness and reasonable physical capability. Therefore a range of medical conditions, as well as treatments, may have an impact on your fitness to drive.
A diagnosis of MS does not automatically mean you are no longer able to drive. However, the symptoms pf MS are many and varied and, from time to time, may affect your ability to drive safely.

Presented by Lisa Harrick, MS OT and OT Driving Assessor AND John Berrill, Legal Expert, this webinar will cover the legal obligations and practical processes involved in driving when you have a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (Recorded 1 March 2016)

On the day of recording this program we experienced some difficulty with the audio.
Please excuse this when it occurs in the second half of the program. The program also concludes abruptly due to the audio issues.
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Webinar handouts : Driving and MS

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