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2020 Art Expo

MS Virtual Art Show, 13 –18 October 2020

Our 2020 MS Virtual Art Show is now live, check it out.


Our annual MS Art Exhibition is usually held in August, coinciding with the birthday of Barry Allen. Barry Allen was a dedicated artist who bequeathed a sum of money for the Barry Allen Art Award. Art submissions are open to people with multiple sclerosis (MS) or other progressive neurological conditions in NSW, ACT, TAS and VIC.

The annual MS Art Exhibition has a long standing 14-year history with our organisation. It was an integral part of our MS Social Support Day Program where our artists were able to display and sell their artworks for the public.

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the MS Art Exhibition will not be held in its usual format but we will hold a virtual art show instead, as we recognise the historical importance and value of this art initiative to the MS community.

Under the theme “Celebrating resilience through art” we are inviting the MS community, including carers and families of people living with MS to join us for a celebration of art and creativity – the 2020 MS Virtual Art Show. People with other  progressive neurological conditions are also invited to participate.  

The MS Virtual Art Show will accept original art pieces in different formats – paintings, illustrations, photography and craft – that somehow represent what resilience means to the artist. 

This year we will not be able to sell the artwork, however we will display the art pieces on our website from 13 October.

We will also distribute awards to carefully selected pieces of art. The award categories are listed below.

  • The Barry Allen Art Award ($250 prize) – main prize
  • Highly Commended – Paintings/Illustrations ($50 prize) 
  • Highly Commended – Sculptural/Craft Artwork ($50 prize) 
  • Highly Commended – Photography ($50 prize) 

Please note that although we welcome art from all members of the MS community, only people living with MS and other progressive neurological conditions are eligible to receive an award.

Art work submission 

Art submissions are now closed. We thank all the artists who submitted art pieces for our 2020 MS Virtual Art Show.  

All the art pieces will be displayed virtually on 13 – 18 October. Please visit this page on Tuesday, 13 October to access our virtual art space and admire the excellent work produced by members of the MS community and people living with other progressive neurological conditions.

Award winners will be notified during the virtual art show and acknowledged on our virtual space.

Have questions?

For more information about our 2020 MS Virtual Art Show, contact our team at msart@ms.org.au

Looking back - 2019 Winners

Sculpture and Craft: Lemon Pinch Pots, Maureen Caelli, from Chifley, ACT

Photography and Digital: “M.ake R.eal Improvements #8”, Cara-Ann Simpson, Pakenham, Vic

Painting, Illustration and Drawing: Outing In Sheerbrook Forest, Steven Smith, Caufield North

Packing Room Award: Footprints in the sand, Luke Gaetano, Montmorency

Barry Allen Art Award: Honey Bear (painting), Julia Brown-Jeffree, Bayswater

2019 Photos

julia brown and jo harkin
Barry Allen Award winner Julia Brown with her painting  Honey Bear

Sandra Walker with Ian Allen
Sandra Walker with Ian Allen, brother to Barry Allen in whose honour our major prize is awarded.​

Cara ann Simpson
Cara-Ann Simpson winner of the prize for Photography and Digital – pictured with Cr Bill Bennett, Mayor of Whitehorse City Council

Luke Gaetano
Luke Gaetano, winner of the Packing Room award – pictured with Cr Bill Bennett, Mayor of Whitehorse City Council

lemon pinch pots
Lemon Pinch Pots, Maureen Caelli, from Chifley, ACT

For further information please email msart@ms.org.au or contact MS Connect 1800 042 138.

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