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2021 MS Go for Gold Scholarship Virtual Awards

This year to acknowledge and celebrate the 25 applicants who received a grant to go towards their dream or personal goal we held a virtual award presentation on Tuesday 26 October 2021. You can watch the full recording below and hear about some remarkable people in the MS community who are now on their way to achieving their dreams.

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MS Go for Gold Scholarships provide one-off grants to follow a personal dream.

If you are someone living with MS and need some support to help you achieve your dream, then an MS Go for Gold Scholarship can help.

Maybe you want to explore your creative side and make art or learn a new hobby, further your education, change careers or kickstart a business idea, Maybe you’re interested in living well by participating in wellbeing activities or purchasing equipment that will have a positive impact on your daily life. As Lydia, a past recipient of the MS Go for Gold Scholarship says, “the Go for Gold Scholarship doesn’t have to be an extravagant dream. It can be for everyday wishes…my dream was to study Italian.

There are 25 scholarships available, each valued up to $2,000 with categories including:

  • Personal expression
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Living Well

No project, dream, goal, business idea or hobby is too big or too small. People have applied for many different reasons; from gym memberships to help maintain their physical wellbeing, to spending quality time with family members on a memorable trip, to kick-starting a new business idea and everything in between.

We hear a lot from the MS community that they never applied for an MS Go for Gold Scholarship because they thought someone else may need this support more.

You are just as deserving as anyone else. 

If you need more inspiration on what past recipients have utilised their MS Go for Gold Scholarship on, please check out their stories. 

2021 MS Go for Gold Scholarships are now closed. For more information on the application guidelines, terms and conditions and FAQ's see the 'Application Guidelines' web page.   

How are MS Go for Gold Scholarships funded? 

Mark MS Mega Swim
It’s all thanks to the generous fundraisers and supporters of the MS Mega Challenge events. People just like Mark. 

Mark has hosted the biannual Mildura MS 24 Hour Mega Swim since 2005 (Mark organises everything from securing local live entertainers to initiating his 5-cent fundraising activity around town - because every cent counts!)

Living with MS himself, Mark likes to help raise money for others with MS and contribute to the MS Go for Gold Scholarships.

Mark says he “loves seeing people with MS getting out and active at this event. It’s a great atmosphere with lots of laughter and everyone comes together and becomes one supportive team overnight”

He says as a swimmer with MS it is overwhelming and humbling to see so many people willing to come together and swim for those living with MS.

Mark is just one of many people who are participants, supporters, donors and volunteers for the MS Mega Challenge events that allow MS Go for Gold Scholarships to be possible.

We also want to thank Carol Cooke AM who has been the such a driving force and inspiration for many to take part in the MS Mega Challenge events and raise funds for the MS Go for Gold Scholarships since the year 2000. 

Jessica, Justine & Lydia's MS Go for Gold Scholarship stories

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