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The MS Go for Gold Scholarships enable people living with multiple sclerosis to fulfil a dream or pursue a personal goal that otherwise may be out of reach. 

If you are someone living with MS and need a little bit of support to help you achieve your goal, then apply for a MS Go for Gold Scholarship (applications open June 10, 2020). 

There are 25 scholarships of up to $2,000 and you have the freedom to decide how to use the grant. 

Maybe you want to explore your creative side and make art or learn a new hobby, further your education, change careers or kickstart a business idea, Maybe you’re interested in living well by participating in wellbeing activities or purchasing equipment that will have a positive impact on your daily life. As Lydia, a past recipient of the MS Go for Gold Scholarship says, “the Go for Gold Scholarship doesn’t have to be an extravagant dream. It can be for everyday wishes…my dream was to study Italian.’

Applications are now open and close on Thursday, 10th September 2020 at 5pm. 


Apply Today

Download PDF MS Go for Gold Application form (if you cannot complete the online application above)

For more information on how to apply please read the Application Guidelines. 

Unsure if you should apply?

•    Do you live with multiple sclerosis?
•    Do you have an idea, a dream, a goal, a project or hobby that you’d love to turn into reality??  
•    Do you live in Victoria, NSW, ACT or Tasmania?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then you’re eligible to apply for a MS Go for Gold Scholarship! 

In the words of Jennifer, a past MS Go for Gold Scholarship recipient, 'the MS Go for Gold Scholarship was a game-changer.’ And Justine, ‘I’d recommend everyone actually apply. The boost that, it gave me has been invaluable.’

No project, dream, goal, business idea or hobby is too big or too small. People have applied for many different reasons; from needing equipment to help them clean their house so they can spend more time with their family, to funding a course to help kickstart their business idea. 

We hear a lot from the MS community that they never applied for an MS Go for Gold Scholarship because they thought someone else may need this support more.

You are just as deserving as anyone else. 

The application process has been simplified and is an easy-to-follow online application form. You even have the choice to start your application, save it and complete it at a later time. 

The MS Go for Gold Scholarships are available to help you live well with MS and achieve something you may not have otherwise achieved. If you need more inspiration on what past recipients have utilised their MS Go for Gold Scholarship on, please check out their stories. 

How are MS Go for Gold Scholarships funded? 

It’s all thanks to the generous fundraisers and supporters of the MS Mega Challenge events. 

Real Stories

Here are some real stories about how our Go for Gold Scholarships helped people living with MS to achieve their dreams.

Jennifer Severn

In 2014 Jennifer Severn was awarded a Go for Gold Scholarship to engage a life-writing mentor. She'd been writing snippets of her life story for years and wanted to turn them into a book.

'The Go for Gold Scholarship was a game-changer,' she says. 'I'd been writing all my life and I'd earned a living for a while doing technical and commercial writing—good, plain, practical writing.' She laughs. 'But you can't write a memoir like that. A memoir is creative non-fiction. It has to come to life. → read more


The sun shines when you least expect it - but it does shine.

When I was diagnosed with MS 30 years ago, it was like being hit by a black cloud. Since then, I’ve been enjoying time with family and friends, eating well, and keeping fit.

Unfortunately, walking has become more difficult in the last few years and I now rely heavily on a walking stick to help me get around when out of my home. → read more

Jessica, Justine & Lydia's MS Go for Gold Scholarship stories

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