2016 scholarship stories


Amber – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Amber’s dream is to set up a permaculture wicking garden in her half-acre block in Bungendore in order to provide her with better nutrition, meditation, exercise and the opportunity to share knowledge with her son and husband. → Show more.

Michael Bradley – Music

Music is a very strong part of Michael’s life. He sings in the ANU choir, listens to music and subscribes to orchestras and theatres. → Show more.

Erin Hogan – Travel

Erin is turning 30 this year and will celebrate her milestone birthday by going on a cruise with her sister, allowing her to have fun, relax and take a break from a life that revolves around the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. → Show more.

Nadine Firestone – Employment

Nadine is a creative person with exceptional computer skills who has embraced writing and graphic design as a medium to connect with society. → Show more.

Lorna – Music

Lorna is a poet who also composes songs and hymns. Her work is currently being typeset and will hopefully be published and archived. → Show more.



Jacqui – The arts

Jacqui is passionate about the art of dance and feels a sense of freedom, excitement and joy while dancing. → Show more.

Mark Slade – Sport

Mark is a very active person who doesn’t allow anything to stop him from doing what he wants to do. → Show more.

Kate – Sport

Kate discovered the sport of rowing 18 months ago, which has been an interesting and rewarding journey for her. → Show more.

Belinda – Travel

Belinda’s dream is to have a relaxing holiday on a cruise ship. → Show more.

Cheryl-Ann – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Cheryl-Ann’s dream is to attend the Quest for Life Retreat to assist her find a physical and emotional health balance. → Show more.

Erin – Travel

Erin has been invited to present a paper at a landmark conference in Italy with other prominent scholars, who will discuss and share work on the Nobel Prize-winning author JM Coetzee. → Show more.

Stuart – Music

Stuart is a very creative person who has designed and built a music sequencer that can be used to control electronic instruments. → Show more.

Claire – Education

Claire’s dream is to complete her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and stay as healthy as possible while doing so. → Show more.

Debra – Travel

Debra’s dream is to visit the sweeping boulevards of Paris, the historic monuments and churches of the Renaissance in Italy and the quaint countryside of England. → Show more.

Lisa Davis – Travel

Lisa was born in Tasmania and her family contributed to the architecture and employment in the state. → Show more.

Lyn McCullum – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Lyn’s dream is to create a new high-rise gardens. → Show more.

Kim Worland – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Kim’s dream is to keep actively participating in family and community life. Show more.

Heather Ranieri – Employment

Heather makes reclaimed timber jewellery and dreams of increasing her creative business. Show more.

Kirsten McLean – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Kirsten’s dream is to improve her health, fitness and wellbeing, which will dramatically increase the amount of quality outdoor time she can spend with her family. Show more.

Marta Kugler – Travel

Marta’s dream is to share a fun-filled holiday with her husband and sons, and create memories that will last a life time for all of them. Show more.

Stanley Hunter – Sport

Stanley has a passion for sport, especially football. Show more.

Lydia Osmers – Education

Lydia lives in a nursing home with a large number of Italian-speaking residents and dreams of speaking in Italian with them. Show more.

Joan Walters – Travel

Joan’s dream is to travel with her husband on an extended caravanning holiday in Queensland. → Show more.

Shayne Guley – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Shayne’s dream is to continue doing all the things she enjoys, such as travelling, going to events, and shopping with friends. → Show more.

Debra Pope – travel

Debra’s husband is currently on an overseas assignment with the royal Australian Navy and won’t be back home before Christmas. → Show more.

Marcin – travel

Marcin has a passion for travel and his dream is to make one more memorable holiday. → Show more.

Libby Byrne – The arts

Libby is a working artist who wants to transition from making large-scale oil paintings to explore the practice of print making. → Show more.

Caroline Everett – The arts

Caroline is a talented photographer whose dream is to produce a calendar and a stationery line that incorporate her photos. → Show more.



Clair Price – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Clair is devoted to her husband and two lovely daughters, and dreams of improving her health and wellbeing and making some beautiful lasting memories with her family. → Show more.

Annette – Education

Annette is a caring person who enjoys connecting with people, learning about their circumstances and helping them overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving their healthcare goals. → Show more.

Rabie – Travel

Rabie has always loved playing soccer and enjoys watching the English Premier League. → Show more.

Naomi – Music

Naomi is passionate about signing and playing music. → Show more.

Linda – Travel

Linda has dedicated herself to learning the Hebrew language over the past few years and now dreams of going to Israel to practice speaking Hebrew and to visit holy sites. → Show more.

Suzanne – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Suzanne’s dream is to get and remain fit, so she can be strong enough in body and mind to find a job, improve her finances and gain self-confidence. → Show more.

Robert Harvey – Employment

Robert is a talented photographer who enjoys taking photographs of different subjects and people in various settings. → Show more.

Shama Szabo – Education

Shama is a mother of three children who works as a full-time accountant and is studying part-time towards a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. → Show more.

Pamela Cook – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Pamela dreams of getting a deck built at the back door of her house, which would enable her a flat access to her backyard and provide her with the opportunity to go outdoors each day. → Show more.

Ken York – Employment

Ken has always dreamt of working with his hands to create things of beauty and really loves working with wood. → Show more.

Danielle Riles – Travel

Danielle has been married for nearly two years and has experienced three relapses and two surgeries since her wedding day. → Show more.

Grant Bendeich – Education

Grant is a chef/contract caterer who dreams of obtaining the skills required to ensure that he has an extended working life in an industry he’s incredibly passionate about. → Show more.

Michelle Willems – Travel

Michelle’s longstanding dream is to visit South Pacific islands with a family member. → Show more.

Belinda Faulkner – Employment

Belinda is a self-published children’s book author and illustrator who has created a character called Fairy MeSsy as part of an MS awareness/education service. → Show more.

Tracy Anderson – Sport

Tracy is an active person who trains three to four times a week with a personal trainer. → Show more.

Peta Robinson – The arts

Peta is a very talented artist who has studied visual arts at university and taken courses in specific painting and drawing techniques. → Show more.

Meg McIntyre – Sport

Meg is an avid cyclist who dreams of participating in the Great Victorian Bike Ride. → Show more.

Chris Tester – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Chris’ dream is to use virtual-reality technology to document living environments. → Show more.

Deborah Hodgson – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband and going out with him for lunch once a week on his day off. → Show more.

Colleen Daniels - Employment

Colleen lives on the NSW Central Coast where she produces a small publication called Reading While You Wait. → Show more.

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