2017 scholarship stories



Razidah Yahaya – Lifestyle

Razidah has a dream to purchase an OGO wheelchair to get around easier for work and be more independent in her life. The OGO would also enable her to travel interstate and overseas again.→ Show more.

Giselle Burningham – The Arts

Giselle is a passionate Textile Artist and is currently undertaking a degree in Fine Art online. Giselle was recently featured in the MS ‘In Touch’ Magazine and her art will feature on the front cover.→ Show more.

Theo – Travel

Theo’s wife Dorian submitted a Go for Gold application unbeknown to Theo. Dorian has a dream to create special memories for just the two of them and take her husband away on a very long overdue holiday.→ Show more.

Bill Bostle – Education

Bill enrolled as a full-time student in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law at the University of Canberra in 2014 and has successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts (Community development and International Studies), and is on track to complete the Bachelor of Law, currently undertaking an Arts Honours dissertation.→ Show more.

Donna – Travel

Donna is a wife and mother with 4 children, lives her life to the fullest and takes every opportunity she can to make a positive impact on her life.→ Show more.


Alfred Clark - Lifestyle

Alfred has a goal to experience the pathways through the parklands, bushlands, waterways and lake or ocean foreshores in the suburbs of Lake Macquarie City. He regularly watches other people living with a disability negotiate this area and has a dream to be able to enjoy these beautiful scenic environments himself. → Show more.

Allison Reynolds – The Arts

Allison decided in January 2016 to take up art at a local community group. Having no experience what-so-ever did not deter her desire to express herself visually. Allison reasoned that learning new skills was also good for her brain, even if her pictures were not “good”. After just 6 months Allison entered her first art show and won second prize!→ Show more.

Candice Graham – Employment

Candice is a wife and mother of 3 young children including 4 year old twins and an 18 month old. Candice has had a dream since high school of becoming a Psychologist. She gained admission to university and completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental).→ Show more.

Charles Majarian – Education

Charles is happily married to Hana and has two children. As long as Charles can remember he wanted to be a pilot. He has been volunteering in the Australian Air League for 31 years and has enjoyed teaching children from 8 – 18 years old basic to advanced aviation knowledge.→ Show more.

Corinne Stark – Education

Corinne is a mother of 4 and took up Yoga after hearing the great benefits it has on the mind, body and nervous system. Corinne was instantly hooked and found Yoga to be her “happy place”. Corinne’s Yoga teacher suggested she undertake a teacher training course, but only one thing was stopping her - the cost of the course. → Show more.

Elizabeth Salter - Music

Elizabeth has always had an interest and talent in music. She has played many different instruments and done some composing.→ Show more.

Emma Giunti – Education

Emma has a dream to become a Iyengar yoga teacher. Iyengar Yoga is unique in the fact it is highly beneficial for people with physical limitations. Props (such as belts, bolsters and blocks) are used to enable the practitioner to experience the pose if they are unable to do so independently. It focuses on alignment of the body and specific sequencing to ensure safety and effectiveness.→ Show more.

Kate Farrell – Lifestyle

Kate is an MS Ambassador for NSW and has a dream to be a yoga teacher so she can safely teach the benefits of yoga, and help others with their wellbeing, especially younger women living with MS and other health conditions.→ Show more.

Lara – Travel

Lara is currently undertaking a degree in Creative Writing and has a long-standing passion for travel. She has recently been thinking how she can combine her love of travel and writing to devise and facilitate a career and lifestyle that accommodates her health requirements.→ Show more.

Nathan – Education

Nathan is a kind and considerate husband and father of 2 young girls. He is a creative person with a multitude of ideas and enjoys working with colours and different textures. Nathan has always wanted to be involved in interior design and has decided it’s time to work towards his dream.→ Show more.

Robyn – Music

Robyn has a love of music and a history of successfully learning to play a musical instrument. As soon as she commenced working she had piano lessons and regularly played at her children’s school and in church. She also learnt to play the flute.→ Show more.

Sue – Travel

Sue has a long-term dream to visit Singapore and Asia to experience this beautiful region of our fantastic world. Sue’s family and friends have told her stories of their travels and this has encouraged Sue to pursue her dream.→ Show more.

Haylee – Employment

Haylee is a passionate hairdresser who has opened her hairdressing salon at home. The salon does not have its own entry and Haylee needs a side access door to give her family privacy when her business is operating.→ Show more.

Karyn – Travel

Karyn has a spirit of adventure, an insatiable passion for travel and is the author of a travel blog travelleronwheels@blogspot.com.au which provided an account of her experience, as a person with a disability, travelling on the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth.→ Show more.


Annette – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Annette’s dream is to simply gain a little more independence. Annette is going to purchase a google phone and harmony hub, which is going to allow her to operate her phone, the television, lighting and heating (a necessity in Tasmania!) all with voice control, rather than relying on somebody else.→ Show more.

Dawn Murray – Travel

Dawn has been living with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis since her early 20’s. At only 20 years old, Dawn had to learn to walk and talk again after surviving a 17-hour long brain surgery. Since then, Dawn has developed a passion for walking, fitness and travelling. → Show more.

Deborah Edgerton – Lifestyle/wellbeing

Since retiring 2 years ago, Deborah has been spending her time growing and propagating plants and her dream is to build her own hot house/shade house. → Show more.


Natasha - The Arts Scholarship

Natasha’s idea of a children’s book came about when her nephew/godson was in hospital to undergo surgery and was feeling very anxious. Natalie wrote a fun and interactive book with an exciting story and activities. → Show more.

Steven Norman – The Arts Scholarship

Steven’s dream is to pursue his interest in photography. He is a keen photographer whose photos have been used in National and International Magazines. → Show more.

Miriam – Travel Scholarship

Miriam’s dream holiday is to visit her mother in Holland, who suffered a stroke and is now partially paralysed. → Show more.

Dorothy Vasiliou – Lifestyle/Wellbeing Scholarship

Dorothy’s dream is to visit the luxurious Grand Hyatt for a health and wellbeing experience. → Show more.

Kyllie Garrett – Education Scholarship

Kyllie’s dream is to complete her Bachelor of Accounting degree as it is the only factor in the way to advancing her career.→ Show more.

Linda – Travel Scholarship

Linda’s dream is to visit her penfriend, in Kokkola, Finland, who she has been writing to since she was 9 years old (by coincidence they both developed MS) → Show more.

Sharon – Travel Scholarship

Sharon’s dream is to escape the cold weather to the warm climate of Port Douglas and enjoy a peaceful and ‘stress less’ holiday.→ Show more.

Mark – Travel Scholarship

Mark’s dream is to go camping in Victorian high Country with his wife and two sons. He loved camping as a young adult and wishes to teach his sons techniques and tips about camping. → Show more.

Janine Nolan – Lifestyle/Wellbeing Scholarship

Janine’s dream is to continue to ride her Yamaha Motorbike, which allows her to feel a sense of freedom and mobility. → Show more.

James Pappas – Travel Scholarship

James has been nominated to receive a scholarship by his daughter Jaime. She and her siblings wish to see their parents enjoy a romantic holiday together.→ Show more.

Petra Russell – Lifestyle/Wellbeing Scholarship

Petra’s dream is self-improvement, both physically and mentally. She wishes to start a diet and exercise program to focus on herself as her MS has meant she no longer has the energy she once had.→ Show more.

Maggie Cannuli – Travel Scholarship

Maggie moved to Australia as a young child and dreams of returning to Greece to visit her sisters, brother and Aunt Anna. She has found since her diagnosis that she has lost a lot of her independence and wishes to travel. → Show more.

Robert DeFazio – Travel Scholarship

Robert’s dream is to get away from the day to day routine, recharge and refocus on the positive things in his life.→ Show more.

Helen Genito – Travel Scholarship

Helen’s dream is to travel to Cypress and New York with her daughter, Jamie-Marie. She would like her daughter to meet her extended family in Cyprus and meet her late father’s extended family in New York, USA. → Show more.

Kate Curran – Lifestyle/Wellbeing Scholarship

Kate has never been able to find pretty and comfortable bras in her size. About 12 months ago she purchased a sewing machine and has been teaching herself how to sew bras from YouTube. → Show more.

Gino Vigilante – Employment Scholarship

Gino is passionate about his career as a draftsman and wishes to purchase a 3D printer to improve his work and better demonstrate his ideas to clients. → Show more.

Bernice Dodd – Lifestyle/Wellbeing Scholarship

Bernice has raised 6 children over her life and her funds have been allocated predominantly towards her children and their needs. → Show more.

Kathryn – The Meredith Scholarship - The Artsp

Kathryn is passionate about her textile work, which she has spent 35 years refining. She wishes to invest in her ability and develop a slow clothing label that is ethical and sustainable.→ Show more.

Kerrie Sculac - The Arts Scholarships

It was about 10 months ago that Kerrie’s carer asked if she would like to try mouth painting, which is attaching a paintbrush to a mouth stylus and that’s where her passion for painting began. Kerrie combines poetry and painting to tell the story.→ Show more.

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