2018 scholarship stories



Nerida – Travel

Nerida’s dream is to get away on a cruise with her partner, best friend and carer, Norm. This will be their first holiday together in the fourteen years of their relationship. → Show more.

Jo – Employment

Jo is passionate about disability rights and travel. Her dream is to set up a travel company that specialises in providing services to people with a disability or other chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis. → Show more.



Ameera – Sport

Ameera is an international para-archer, and her dream is to represent Australia in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo and hopefully the 2024 Paralympics in Paris. → Show more.

Deb – Employment

Before Deb was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was at a point in her career where things were falling into place. Working as a bank manager, she was reaching the goals she had set for herself and future opportunities were on the horizon. But as she began to experience symptoms of brain fog, fatigue and vertigo as a result of her multiple sclerosis, it seemed that the job she had worked so hard for was slipping away. → Show more.

Felicity – Sport

Since Felicity found out that she might lose her ability to walk due to her multiple sclerosis, she decided that she didn’t want to take her mobility for granted. So, once she settled on a treatment that was working for her, she started running.→ Show more.

Karen - Employment

Karen really felt the effects of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, and it changed all aspects of her life. She had to alter her career path, going from working as a full-time national account manager for a health and beauty company, to retraining as a nutritionist. → Show more.

Katrina – The Arts

Katrina was working as an illustrator when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and she soon found herself having to minimise the amount of work she was producing due to the impact multiple sclerosis began to have on her day to day life. Katrina experiences significant symptoms in her right arm, which greatly affects her ability to make original artwork at a rate that could support her financially. → Show more.

Stephen - Lifestyle and wellbeing

Stephen has a zest for life and new experiences but fatigue and cognitive issues stemming from his multiple sclerosis has meant that he can’t always clearly remember the finer details of what he’s done or where he’s been. → Show more.

Kathryn – Lifestyle and wellbeing

Kathryn’s dream is to bring nature into people’s lives, especially through food, writing and illustrating children’s books, and photo books. → Show more.



Nichole – Lifestyle and wellbeing

Nichole was diagnosed with MS 19 years ago. She was able to mostly continue living life to the full after her diagnosis, until August 2012 when she suffered a major relapse which changed her life forever.→ Show more.



Alex – Sport

Since swimming 25kms in just 12 hours at the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim, Alex set her sights on something larger. Swimming the English Channel in 2020. This Go for Gold scholarship will assist with the cost of Alex’s training – which includes unlimited support, a swim training program, swim schools and learning about the English Channel. → Show more.

Ange – Travel

Ange’s dream is to build further understanding and knowledge of her indigenous family history and culture. → Show more.

Antonija - Travel

Antonija’s dream is to take her two girls (aged eight and ten) to see the Great Barrier Reef before it becomes something that humans can no longer access. She also knows that her own mobility is decreasing, and she wants to take her daughters before she is unable to travel.→ Show more.

Belinda – Travel

Belinda has had a love affair with Britain ever since she can remember. Her ambition since she was around 18 years old has been to do a literary tour of the UK, visiting the locations written about by Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and so on. → Show more.

Debbie – Employment

Debbie’s dream is to set up a home business selling personalised paper crafts, such as wedding invites, decorations and memory card games. A home business will enable Debbie to match her work time to how her body and brain are feeling, in an environment that suits her day or night, and to work around the many appointments she attends.→ Show more.

Demi-Lee – The Arts

Demi-Lee’s dream is to set up an art room at home, somewhere for her to make art and to have a place where she wants to spend time after she gets out of bed in the morning. → Show more.

Jacinta – Travel

Jacinta’s dream is to go on a family holiday to reconnect with her partner Rick and her three daughters, Kathleen, Mitzi and Bronte. She is planning a cruise to help them all feel refreshed and relaxed, it will be an escape from their day to day where they do not have to worry about anything apart from what they want to eat for dinner.→ Show more.

Jarret – Sport

Ever since Jarret was a child he has loved the idea of floating. Recently he decided to take the leap and try a new floating sensation – he stepped up to go skydiving, which has changed his perspective in an amazing new way. → Show more.

Joanne – Education

Joanne’s dream is to complete her academic journey, by finishing her doctorate of Philosophy in Arts at Melbourne University. → Show more.

Kat – Education

Kat’s dream is to change the direction of her line or work and become a career’s counsellor. → Show more.

Kim – The Arts

Kim’s dream is to be a visual arts artist, which has been a dream of hers since childhood. Events that happened in her life prevented her from following this dream initially, until she took up art again through the MS day support arts program.→ Show more.

Liz - Travel

Liz’s dream is to travel to Hawaii with her nine-year-old son. A holiday to their dream destination will be something for them to look forward to so that they can unwind and de-stress from their lives and enjoy being together in nature.→ Show more.

Mel – Lifestyle and wellbeing

Mel’s dream is to achieve a balance in her life, between work, rest and play. She has achieved balance at work in the last year, but rest and play are a work in progress.→ Show more.

Monique - Travel

Monique’s parents were Holocaust survivors who came to Australia to make a new life for themselves after the war. Her dream is to travel to Bialystok in Poland and Ploesti in Romania to see where her parents were born and spent their childhoods, and to visit the memorials to people who lost their lives during the holocaust.→ Show more.

Tamsin – Travel

Tamsin’s dream is to return to New Zealand, which is her and her husband’s country of birth, for a holiday with her husband and children. Her multiple sclerosis is progressing at such a rate that she needs to go now, while she still can. → Show more.

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