2019 scholarship stories

Congratulations to all the MS Go for Gold Scholarship recipients for 2019.

Belinda Darcy – Travel

Belinda’s dream is to travel to Germany with her husband to visit family whom she has never been fortunate enough to meet. → Show more.



Nicole Stewart – Education

Nicole’s dream is to study interior decorating so that she can hold DIY workshops and share her knowledge with others → Show more.

Catherine Ayob – Education

Catherine’s dream is to become a medical researcher in multiple sclerosis so she can develop new medications that reduce the suffering of others living with the condition and hopefully stop its progression. → Show more.

Daryl Crew – Sport

Daryl’s dream is to complete the 58km course of the 2019 MS Sydney to Gong Ride and then in 2020, setting his sights on the 82km course. → Show more.

Mark Crockett – Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Mark’s dream is to share the coastlines, sunrises and sunsets he captures through his photography, in the hope that they will put a smile on someone’s face and save them from ending up in the dark place he was → Show more.

Sophie McLelland – The Arts

Sophie’s dream is to learn more about famous painters and become more proficient in her own painting, eventually sharing her new skills and knowledge with children and other MS sufferers. → Show more.

Allison O’Dwyer – Travel

Allison’s dream is to travel to Canada to finally meet her husband’s family. → Show more.

Jennifer Rees – Travel

Jennifer’s dream is to visit the Jamala Zoo in Canberra to see some of the world’s most dangerous and endangered animals up close. → Show more.



Cynthia Awruch – Travel

Cynthia’s dream is to attend the Holocaust Survivors Reunion in her grandmother’s home city in Poland. → Show more.

Yvette Chatwin – Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Yvette’s dream is to buy a new laptop so that she can stay independent for as long as possible. → Show more.

Sean O’Moore – Education

Sean’s dream is to become a master practitioner in hypnosis and pursue his personal belief that hypnosis will help alleviate his MS symptoms. → Show more.

Sylvia Romeike-Coussa – Employment

Sylvia’s dream is to start her own business designing personalised greeting cards, newsletters, logos and community periodicals. → Show more.



Paul Gallagher – Travel

Paul’s dream is to publish a series of blogs, essays and photographs of a trip that will inspire other people with chronic conditions. → Show more.

Sue Pinyon – Sport

Sue’s dream is to ensure she can remain living safely in her own home for as long as possible and to also have the confidence to travel outside her hometown. Sue believes that improving both her physical and mental health is the key to achieving this. → Show more.

Kimberley Croxford – Travel

Kim’s dream is to go on a holiday, for the first time ever, with her husband and their two young children. → Show more.

Leanda Helmke – Travel

As she approaches her 60th birthday, Leanda’s dream is to travel on the Ghan and see more of our beautiful country. → Show more.

Rebecca Irving – Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Bec’s dream is to write a book and create a health and wellness lifestyle business that supports her family and accommodates her needs as a person living with MS. → Show more.

George Kafantaris – Travel

George’s dream is to travel to Greece to reconnect with his Greek heritage and visit the MS Society in Athens to learn about the services and treatments they provide. → Show more.

Stuart Luscombe – Travel

Stuart’s dream is to go on a revitalising family holiday to Bali with his partner Hailey and daughters Alana and Mackenzie. → Show more.

Dragan Milovic – Travel

Dragan’s dream is to return to Serbia, his country of birth, to spend time with his ageing mother and his Serbian relatives whilst he still has some mobility. → Show more.

Stephen Philp – Sport

Steve’s dream is to complete the 2019 Around the Bay in a Day Bike Ride, a challenging 300 kilometre ride around Port Phillip Bay. → Show more.

Anna Plummer – Travel

Anna’s dream is to travel around Tasmania with her husband whilst she is still able and capture her memories to create something that inspires others. → Show more.

Melanie Thomson – Employment

Formerly a lecturer at Deakin Medical School, Melanie’s dream is to set up a small business with the mission of improving stakeholder engagement between patients and healthcare professionals and delivering better person-centred care solutions in the health sector. → Show more.

Meagan Marshall – Travel

Meagan’s dream is to go on a long-awaited holiday with her partner and kids to spend quality time together. → Show more.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Go for Gold Scholarship winners! We wish you continued success in making your dreams a reality. To find out more information about the scholarships and how to apply for 2020, please go to MS Go for Gold Application Guidelines.

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