2020 scholarship stories

Congratulations to all the MS Go for Gold Scholarship recipients for 2020.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response to the program receiving 185 applications this year, all for a variety of goals. The judges found it extremely difficult to award only 25 applicants this year, as there were so many deserving applications. We hope next year to have more MS Go for Gold Scholarships available to enable even more people living with multiple sclerosis fulfil their dreams that otherwise may be out of reach.

You can read the stories of this year’s recipients below. And remember if you need support or services to live well with MS – we are here for you. Contact us on 1800 042 138 or msconnect@ms.org.au to find out how we can help you or your loved ones.

Kirby Boorman ​- Employment

Kirby’s dream is to start a business as an airbrush artist. → Show more.

John Borda​ - Living well

John’s dream is to be able to say ‘Yes’ when his 5-year-old daughter asks him to join her on a family bike ride. → Show more.

Matthew Browne​ - Personal expression

Matthew’s dream is to expand his woodworking business and utilise his woodworking skills to bond with his children. → Show more.

Melanie Caple​ - Personal expression

Melanie’s dream is to expand her art business and adapt to the digital art world. → Show more.

Catherine Castaneda​ - Employment

Catherine’s dream is to remain employed and continue to be a role model for her children. → Show more.

Elisa Chaffer​ - Personal expression

Elisa’s dream is to sew herself a sustainable range of clothes with the purchase of new sewing equipment. → Show more.

Nicole Cochrane​ - Living well

Nicole’s dream is to travel to Flinders Island with her family to fulfil a promise to her mother. → Show more.

Genevieve Dannock ​- Education

Genevieve’s dream is to go back to university and study Maternal and Child Health. → Show more.

Gillian Fekete​ - Personal expression

Gillian’s dream is to go for walks with her husband and two dogs with the aid of a walker and to learn outdoor photography. → Show more.

Milton Freeman​ - Personal expression

Milton’s dream is to continue to develop his photography skills through purchasing better suited equipment. → Show more.

Anna George​ - Living well

Anna’s dream is to focus on her health and wellbeing through yoga and Pilates. → Show more.

Gita Goldberg​ - Education

Gita’s dream is to complete a course in Outdoor Recreation at Holmesglen TAFE. → Show more.

Lisa Grech​ - Employment

Lisa’s dream is to employ a research assistant to help her continue with her research into detection and treatment of depression for those living with multiple sclerosis. → Show more.

Kylie Holmes​ - Personal expression

Kylie’s dream is to have a landscaper come to her home and bring her garden back to life! → Show more.

Fiona Lally ​- Living well

Fiona’s dream is to be able to go for a bike ride independently with her four children. → Show more.

Megan Lowe​ - Living well

Before her diagnosis five years ago, Megan freely enjoyed mountain bike racing and participating in events. → Show more.

Dylan McCarthy​ - Personal expression

Dylan has an electric piano which allows him to explore the wonderful world of creating original, experimental, popular and classically inspired music. → Show more.

David Nedinis​ - Personal expression

David’s hobby is collecting football items and memorabilia, such as cards and records. This hobby has led him to meet interesting people and create new friendships. → Show more.

Karen Nickson​ - Personal expression

Prior to Karen's diagnosis 8 years ago, running was something she did daily. It gave her a sense of achievement, confidence and was a great stress relief. → Show more.

Krisy Paulsen​ - Employment

Krisy’s dream is to start a small home business making and selling baby and children’s clothing. → Show more.

Roger Reece​ - Personal expression

When Roger moved to Australia from the UK, he built a large train shed where he would spend many hours building layouts and running trains with his children. → Show more.

Simone Rutherford​ - Living well

Simone’s lifelong dream is to grow fresh, organic food at home. → Show more.

Shannon​ - Personal Expression - The Meredith Scholarship recipient

Shannon’s dream is to learn how to DJ using vinyl records. This new hobby will be a fantastic creative outlet and a way to keep her love for music alive. → Show more.

Ellen Stammers​ - Living well

Ellen’s dream is to hike the Grampians peaks trail, a 40.2km hike which is completed over three days and two nights. → Show more.

Maria Zontanos​ - Personal expression

Maria has been participating in art classes for 4 years and has recently signed up for an online watercolour art class. → Show more.

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