2021 scholarship stories

Congratulations to all the MS Go for Gold Scholarship recipients for 2021.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response to the program receiving 217 applications this year, all for a variety of goals. The judges found it extremely difficult to award only 25 applicants this year, as there were so many deserving applications. We hope next year to have more MS Go for Gold Scholarships available to enable even more people living with multiple sclerosis fulfil their dreams that otherwise may be out of reach.

You can read the stories of this year’s recipients below. And remember if you need support or services to live well with MS – we are here for you. Contact us on 1800 042 138 or msconnect@ms.org.au to find out how we can help you or your loved ones.

Jessica Bowen​ - The Carol Cooke MS Go For Gold Scholarship

Jessica was diagnosed with MS in May 2020. Whilst out bike riding with her kids, she suddenly could not see. → Show more.

Mim Haigh​ - Nikki Genders Go For Gold Scholarship Recipient

Mim's dream is to bring her short story manuscript to life so that others can connect with her characters as they embark on a journey fueled by hope. → Show more.

Elise ​- Education

Elise's dream is to continue studying for her Master of Information Studies degree with sufficient resources to do so. → Show more.

Louise Burnett​ - Personal expression

Ever since Louise was in primary school, she has had a passion for creative arts. → Show more.

Anna Dixon - Personal expression

Anna's dream is to share her artwork with others while also raising awareness and vital funds for people living with multiple sclerosis. → Show more.

Lee Dowling​ - Living Well

Lee's dream is to be able to go for a bike ride independently and with her family, to improve her fitness, confidence, and mental wellbeing. → Show more.

Debra Henman​ - Personal Expression

Debra is deeply passionate about photography and would love to learn more about the art of photography. → Show more.

Patricia King - Living Well

In her twenties, Patricia was a keen bike rider and used her bike as her main form of transportation but unfortunately due to her MS, Patricia is finding it more and more difficult to ride her bike. MS has affected her balance, energy, and stamina. → Show more.

Nikita Killen - Employment

Nikita's dream is to open her own private counselling practice. → Show more.

Steven Koutsodontis - Personal Expression

Steven was diagnosed with MS at just 16 years of age and has had to explain to his children that MS is his "friend for life". → Show more.

Marta Kugler ​- Living Well

Marta's dream is to take her family to the Queensland theme parks and "see their big smiles and relaxed attitude, because there is nothing to worry about except having fun." → Show more.

Sally Madill​ - Living Well

Sally is a devoted mother to her two children, Georgie and Kyle and her dream is to be able to go on a bike ride together as a family. → Show more.

Heather Manskie​ - Personal expression

Heather's dream is to be able to come home and make tasty and healthy dinners for her family once again. → Show more.

Jayne McClure​ - Personal Expression

Jayne loves making pressed flower art and is passionate about teaching and helping others. Recently she has decided to combine these two passions and would like to run free flower art classes at her local community centre. → Show more.

Megan McCormick - Living Well

Megan was diagnosed with MS two years ago and experiences headaches, fatigue, eye pain and brain fog. Due to these symptoms, Megan has struggled to find an exercise routine that is suitable for her. → Show more.

Alecia MeGarry​ - Living Well

Alecia has lived with Primary Progressive MS for over six years and experiences constant pain and body spasms. → Show more.

Janet Montague-Elliot​ - Personal expression

Every week, Janet photographs the scenery around her and when she gets home, she turns those photos into beautiful paintings and drawings. → Show more.

Silas Pollard ​- Living well

Silas has dreamt of taking his wife and three kids on a camping holiday since he was diagnosed with MS in 2012. → Show more.

Samuel Prosser​ - Personal Expression

Samuel has always had a passion for creating hip hop music and since he was diagnosed with MS, he has had to cut his workload which has resulted in an abundance of spare time. → Show more.

Clare Reilly​ - Employment

After being diagnosed with MS, Clare was worried about what her future may look like. → Show more.

Beth Rowland​ - Education

Beth's dream is to go back to university and study counselling and psychology. → Show more.

Gurdeep Sanun​ - Employment

Gurdeep has had a fear of water since he was 15 years old when he nearly drowned in a pool. As a result, he has never learnt to swim. → Show more.

Elizabeth Schefferle​ - Personal Expression

Elizabeth's dream is to reconnect with her long-time passion of playing the piano. → Show more.

Colleen Woodford - Personal expression

Colleen has always been passionate about the arts, however after being diagnosed with MS, she has found it more and more difficult to set up her craft supplies due to her constant fatigue. → Show more.

Arlene Austin​ - Employment

Arlene has been making patchwork quilts since she was just 10 years old and dreams about turning this passion into her own business, Bellamy and Bay. → Show more.

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