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Below, you will find information about the 2021 MS Go for Gold Scholarships including: selection criteria, terms and conditions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us on or 1300 733 690

When are applications open?

Applications open on Tuesday 15 June at 9:00am and close on Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 5:00pm. Download PDF MS Go for Gold Application form (if you cannot complete the online application above).

Selection Criteria

The judging panel consists of five assessors representing all states (Tasmania, Victoria, NSW an ACT) and will include: An MS Ambassador, the Executive Manager for Strategic Marketing and Fundraising, a MS service delivery specialist employee, a MS Mega Challenge fundraiser and an external moderator.  All applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • The application form has been completed in full via the online application form, or a paper form mailed to 54 Railway Road, Blackburn VIC 3130
    and received by 5:00pm on Wednesday 15 September 2021.
  • The application clearly identifies which of the following categories are being applied for:
    - Personal Expression
    - Employment
    - Education
    - Living Well.
  • The application clearly describes a dream that the person living with multiple sclerosis wants to achieve and how the scholarship will help them to achieve it.
  • The application clearly identifies how achieving the dream will have a positive impact on the lives of not only the applicant, but their networks as well. A focus on the long-term benefits will be helpful. These benefits may relate to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health and wellbeing.
  • The application clearly explains how the person with multiple sclerosis will use the scholarship funds to achieve their dream. Whilst the application is not means tested, identifying the economic need for the financial support will be beneficial.
  • The application includes all the required/relevant supporting information.
  • The applicant has adhered to the word limit per question (approximately 
    500 words).

Terms & Conditions

Applications which do not respond to the selection criteria will be excluded from the judging process.

If you have applied unsuccessfully in the past and you are applying for the same dream, please amend your application to meet the selection criteria.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Scholarships will not be awarded for purchases that have already been made.

Late applications will not be included in the judging process.

Please make sure your application is submitted and received by 5pm on Wednesday, 15 September.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I apply for an MS Go for Gold Scholarship?

If you:

  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis by a neurologist and;
  • live in either Tasmania, Victoria, NSW or the ACT and
  • have not received an MS Go for Gold Scholarship in the last 2 years and;
  • are an existing client, or willing to register as a client, with Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL).

Yes, you may apply for a MS Go for Gold Scholarship in 2021. 

Please note: If you are not an existing MSL client, by applying, you agree to contact from the MS Connect team to register as a client with MSL.

Who is not eligible to apply for an MS Go for Gold Scholarship?

If you have received an MS Go for Gold Scholarship in 2019 or 2020, unfortunately you are not eligible to apply again this year; however if you received a scholarship prior to this, you are now eligible to apply again.

All applicants who have previously applied for a scholarship and were unsuccessful are welcome to apply again.

How do I apply for a MS Go for Gold Scholarship?

Either online or via paper form (applications open June 15, 2021).

All applications must be received by 5:00pm on Wednesday 15 September 2021.

Please only submit a paper application form if you are unable to submit an online application.

Please mail the completed application form to be received by:

5:00pm, Wednesday 15 September 2021, mailed to:
54 Railway Road, Blackburn VIC 3130 

If you need assistance applying or would like to apply in a language other than English, please call us on 1300 733 690 and you can access an interpreter service to support you in completing your application.  

What kind of dream or goal can I apply for?

What you can apply for is vast, but your dream or goal should align with one of the four categories which are described below: 

•    Personal expression (arts, crafts, music - equipment, materials or participation costs)
•    Education (formal academic courses on any subject and directly associated costs)
•    Employment (vocational training, or costs associated with starting or accelerating a business) 
•    Living Well (sports equipment and participation costs, wellbeing such as yoga and alternative therapies) and restorative travel (travel for a particular purpose or outcome associated with living with MS).

Please refer to the Selection Criteria and consider previous scholarship winners’ application and dreams for inspiration.

What happens after I apply for a MS Go for Gold Scholarship?

If you applied online, you will receive an automatically generated email notifying you the completed application has been received.

If you applied by mail using a paper application form, you will receive a letter by Friday 18 June 2021 that your application has been received.

All applications received by the closing date are submitted to the Go for Gold Judging Panel for assessment. Once the judging panel has completed the judging process, all applicants will be advised on the outcome of their application.

Please note if your application was not successful, we will contact you to let you know the outcome.

What happens if I am awarded a scholarship?

Whilst in a ‘non COVID’ year we would host a presentation lunch to award scholarships, in 2021 you will be invited to attend a virtual presentation to receive your award. The presentation will be in October, and we are very keen to have all recipients attend if possible.

Your scholarship funds will be deposited into your nominated bank account within 7 days of the virtual presentation ceremony.

MS Go for Gold Scholarships are awarded in good faith. You are strongly encouraged to use your scholarship to fulfil the dream outlined in your application, and it is recommended you use your grant within twelve months of receiving it.

Please note: Your MS Go for Gold story may be used in various communications, therefore you may be contacted by the MS Marketing and Communications team and asked to share your experience and report back on your progress.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email or call our Supporter Engagement Team on 1300 733 690 for more information.

When will 2022 applications be open?

Once applications for 2021 close, you can register your interest and we will email you when applications are due to open.

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