Previous scholarship recipients

ACT & Southern NSW

Jenny Bennett - Travel2015

Jenny is a wonderful and dedicated mother who does her utmost to provide the best quality life for herself and her son. → Show more.

Cecilia Dridan - Education2015

Cecilia has had a passionate interest in astrology and the patterns and cycles of life for many years, and finds it to be a useful tool for dealing with challenges in her life. → Show more.

Julie Matthews - Travel2015

Julie's dream is to take a holiday on a cruise with her very supportive husband, providing them both, but especially her husband, complete rest and relaxation. → Show more.

David Roberts - The Arts2015

David's outstanding artistic talent has been recognised by the Ginetrelle Art Studio in Umbria Italy, where he has been offered a residency. → Show more.

Maree - Travel2015

Maree has never travelled overseas and has always dreamt of doing so. → Show more.

Brigitte Schreiter - The Arts2015

Brigitte is an extremely talented artist who has sold pieces of her work and received the "People's Choice Award" for one of her acrylic paintings. → Show more.

Bethany Lamont -Travel2015

Bethany is the sole foster mum of an adorable little girl, as well as a member of the workforce and a full-time student studying towards a Master's degree in Juris Doctor and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. → Show more.

Gillian Alcock - Travel2015

Gillian is Australia's leading professional dulcimer maker and has been building dulcimers and other early musical instruments since 1976. → Show more.

Katie Umback - Sport2015

Katie is a very accomplished professional dressage rider who has won numerous national and international events and is on the long list to be selected to compete as a member of the Australian team for the Paralympics held in Rio in 2016. → Show more.

Jacqueline Beattie - Travel2014

Jacqui is devoted to her husband and son and dreams of taking a stress free family holiday with them to create some wonderful memories. → Show more.

Beverley Bray - Lifestyle2014

Beverley is an active member of her community who loves participating in sporting activities and improving her fitness. → Show more.

Greg Browne - Sport2014

Greg is passionate about skydiving. Participating in this sport has provided him with an amazing sense of freedom, as he forgets about his disabilities and the stresses associated with multiple sclerosis when he jumps. → Show more.

Yasmine Gray - Travel2014

Yasmine dreams of being able to join her family and friends on outings such as day trips in the car, extended travel around Australia or travel overseas. → Show more.

Beverley Hergenhan - Lifestyle2014

Bev is passionate about her friends, whom she considers to be her caring soul-mates travelling with her on her life’s journey and providing her with sunshine every time she sees them. → Show more.

Suzanne Hutchings - The Arts2014

Suzanne thoroughly enjoys being creative and loves sharing skills and ideas with other people. → Show more.

Cesar Leon - Travel2014

Cesar has a strong family ethic and is very close to his son, coaching him in life skills and actively supporting his educational and sporting aspirations. → Show more.

Kerrie McDonald - Lifestyle2014

Kerrie’s dream is to relax and engage in enjoyable activities, such as spending time with her children and grandchildren, watching TV, creating tapestries, knitting, completing crosswords and reading. → Show more.

Trevor Oddy - Lifestyle2014

Trevor was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 22 years ago and continues to lead an active life; enjoying family time with his wife, two daughters and son, a son-in-law and two granddaughters. → Show more.

Jen Severn - The Arts2014

Jen has always loved writing. She began writing stories and poems in her childhood and has since expanded upon her skills by becoming the village correspondent for her local community newspaper. → Show more.

Elizabeth Stenhouse - Travel2014

Liz has had an interest in travelling to China for many years due to hearing numerous tales of China from family members. → Show more.

Ivo Tanevski - The Arts2014

Ivo was an accomplished architect prior to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. → Show more.

Karen Wilkinson - Travel2014

Karen is a loving wife and devoted mother. She is dedicated to her family and dreams of them all taking a fantastic family holiday together in order to make treasured memories that will last a lifetime. → Show more.

Helen Woodbridge - The Arts2014

Helen is passionate about art and developing her artistic appreciation and creative skills. → Show more.

Lana Woollard - The Arts2014

Lana is an very talented artist who loves to draw and paint using a variety of medium, including pastel, coloured pencil, water colour and acrylic paints. → Show more.



Brendan - Travel2015

Brendan and his wife have 6 'wonderful' children and are active in the local school and sporting community. → Show more.

Tessa Dean - Gym Membership2015

Tessa dreams of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight in order to start a family. → Show more.

Linda Dawson - Employment2015

Linda's dream is to run a successful mathematics tutoring business that will enable students to achieve the best they can, regardless of their ability. → Show more.

Jackelyn - Education2015

Jackelyn loves helping people and making a difference to their lives, especially to the lives of children. → Show more.

Megan Henderson - Lifestyle2015

Before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Megan was very active in her job as a walking postie and, in the year 2000, walked a portion of the Appalachian Trail in the USA. → Show more.

Lynette - Education2015

Lyn's dream is to complete her Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. → Show more.

Lawrie Daniel - Education2015

Lawrie's dream is to educate himself in website and blog design, and with the associated social media, in order to develop a website dedicated to people with progressive multiple sclerosis. → Show more.

Lynette White - Travel2015

Lyn and her husband Brett dream of spending quality time together, travelling around Australia. → Show more.

David Lunn - Sport2015

David's dream is to continue kayaking for as long as possible. He was selected for State representation in Age divisions and won a bronze medal at the National Level in his age group for doubles. → Show more.

Kaye Greenleaf - Lifestyle2015

Kaye's dream is to maintain her physical strength and to continue living a satisfying and healthy life. → Show more.

Sandra Johnson - Employment2015

Sandra's dream is to work in the health and fitness industry. She has already completed a Diploma as a Nutritional Therapist and is currently studying towards a Certificate III in Personal Fitness. → Show more.

Jill Hodder - Lifestyle2015

Jill has always been a very active person and very involved in her local community. → Show more.

Scott - Lifestyle2015

Scott's dream is to use modern technology to reconnect with his passion for film and music editing and production. → Show more.

Debbie Scadden - Travel2015

Debbie's Scottish heritage has always been an area of pride in her life and gives her strength. → Show more.

Clare Weeks - The Arts2015

Clare has been a practicing artist for over two decades. → Show more.

Sarah Williams - Sport2015

Sarah's passions is running and she has competed in numerous events, including the MS Walk and Fun Run, as well as completed a challenge of walking for 12 hours on a treadmill to raise money for MS Sarah will use the Go for Gold scholarship to pay towards accommodation and entrance fees in order for her to attend numerous running events over the next 3 years. → Show more.

Cassandra Cameron - Sport2015

Cassie's dream is to participate in the MS Gong Ride. Cassie's 16 year old son, a very keen cyclist, will join her along with a few riding friends. → Show more.

Gerry Papasidero - Travel2015

Gerry's dream is to travel with his son to England and attend the Manchester United/Liverpool and Newcastle Soccer Camp, training with their junior academics and watching some big league games. → Show more.

Liz Hajenko - Travel2015

Liz has been offered a scholarship berth by Heritage Expeditions on their 'Galapagos of the Southern Ocean' expedition, which will encompass 4 World Heritage listed Subantarctic Islands. → Show more.

Colleen Daniels - Employment2015

Colleen lives on the NSW Central Coast where she produces a small publication called Reading While You Wait. → Show more.


Nicky Alsemgeest - Education2014

Nicky is a career driven individual who has worked hard to build up a portfolio of personal achievements. → Show more.

Mary Lafferty - Education2014

Mary manages her multiple sclerosis by participating in a number of health and well-being activities and has a deep passion for yoga. → Show more.

Suzie Palmer - The Arts2014

Suzie is a published author who is recognised for her delightful children’s stories and quality poetry. → Show more.

Anke Szillat - Employment2014

Anke started meditating regularly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and credits meditation as being a great benefit to her life. → Show more.

Cathy Roberts - Lifestyle2014

Before being diagnosed with MS, Cathy was an avid bushwalker. → Show more.

Lauren Wilson - Lifestyle2014

Lauren has many close friends and family members who have made a huge difference to her life and would love to be able to show her appreciation for their support by entertaining them in comfort in her home. → Show more.

Julie Beashel - Lifestyle2014

Julie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 18 months ago and has spent most of her adult life caring for others in her role as a clinical nurse specialist and as a remote area nurse. → Show more.

Lesley Zandstra - The Arts2014

Even when working in business management Lesley always had a passion for using her hands to create artwork, home furnishings and beautiful pieces of fashion attire. → Show more.

Karen Ford - Music2014

Karen learnt to play the guitar long before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has been writing songs over the past 20 years. → Show more.

Donna Burrett - Travel2014

Donna is a loving mother, grandmother and wife whose family and friends are incredibly supportive of her. → Show more.

Greg Pugh - Sport2014

Greg is a passionate and experienced sailor, whose dream is to participate in a circumnavigation of the world that is currently being conducted by Denmark’s 'Sailing Sclerosis’. → Show more.

Donna Worley - Education2014

Donna has raised two wonderful children, managed a home and successfully exceeded all expectations placed on her in her professional role at Nowra Toyota. → Show more.

John Van de Putte - Education2014

John is the loving father and primary carer of three wonderful children. → Show more.

John Nemer - Travel2014

John is dedicated to his wife and four young children and participates in numerous activities with his family. → Show more.

Savannah Robinson - Lifestyle2014

Savanna is an avid gardener, who loves digging in the soil and tending to her plants. She enjoys growing things that she can use in the kitchen to make healthy meals. → Show more.

Gail Chapman - Gym Membership2014

Gail has been a regular attendee at a specialised health management gym and has felt herself becoming much stronger due to the gym sessions. → Show more.



Yvonne Ashman - The Arts Scholarship2015

Yvonne's dream has always been to have her own art studio to create beautiful pieces to exhibit or sell. → Show more.

Helen Henwood - The Arts Scholarship2015

Helen's dream is to re-establish her interest and love of photography. With her scholarship she will purchase a quality camera and accessories as well as update and further her studies. → Show more.

Louise-Anne Lewin - The Arts Scholarship2015

Louise-Anne's dream is to publish a colouring book for Adults, further her own art skills and purchase a special printer to make canvas prints of her original work. → Show more.

Ayse - Travel Scholarship2015

Ayse's dream is to travel to Turkey to see her family. → Show more.

Hannah Cameron - Travel Scholarship2015

Hannah's dream is to visit two cities in Italy - Venice and Florence. → Show more.

Annette - Travel Scholarship2015

Annette's dream is to combine sailing on the high seas on a luxury liner while fulfilling her artistic ability to embroider with a group of like-minded crafters. → Show more.

Julie-Anne - Travel Scholarship2015

Julie-Anne's dream is to visit her sister and family in Ireland whom she has only seen 3 times since 1975. → Show more.

Vanessa Daeche - Travel Scholarship2015

Vanessa was nominated for a scholarship by her good friend Lana. → Show more.

Karen Dare - Travel Scholarship2015

In 2007 Karen travelled to India and spent time at a disable children's home and school. → Show more.

Zoe Angourias - Travel Scholarship2015

Zoe's dream is to go on a honeymoon in January 2016. → Show more.

Lee Wiltshire - Sport Scholarship2015

Lee's dream is to once again get back on her horse and have formal lessons to help her re-learn how to ride with the symptoms of her MS. → Show more.

Annitta Macauley - Sport Scholarship2015

A few years ago Annitta decided that she wanted to do a half marathon in every state, with the Outback being her main dream. → Show more.

Wendy de Haan - Sport Scholarship2015

After the birth of her son, Wendy got into the gym and became hooked on fitness. → Show more.

Joanne Keith - Education Scholarship2015

Joanne's dream is to one day be a qualified Teachers Aide. → Show more.

Amera - Education Scholarship2015

Amera's dream is to be able to have a computer and printer at home. → Show more.

Stafford - Education Scholarship2015

As a teenager Stafford was a hobby computer programmer, but without the marks to go to University he went into the workforce. → Show more.

Patricia - Employment Scholarship2015

Patricia's dream is to start a business based on her own photography of her pet Green Tree Frogs. → Show more.

Victoria Cushing - Employment Scholarship2015

For 20 years Victoria has had a vision of creating a small and simple range of clothing basics, made of good quality fabric, ethically, affordable and made in Australia for women in sizes 18+. → Show more.

Pauline Cram - Employment Scholarship2015

Pauline's passion is for furniture and metal things that aren't new. Refurbishing, repairing and up-cycling them too. → Show more.

Vivienne Loader - Lifestyle Scholarship2015

Vivienne's dream is to be independent and work in her garden for as long as possible. → Show more.

Barry Fleming - Lifestyle Scholarship2015

Barry's dream is to build a new Pergola at the back of his house. → Show more.

Leanne Lampard - Gym Membership Scholarship2015

Leanne's dream is to keep going to the gym to keep as fit as possible while dealing with MS. → Show more.

Jane Ruggieri - The Lend Lease Lifestyle Scholarship2015

Since being diagnosed with MS in 1992, Jane has found her mobility decreasing since 2006 when she was confined to a wheelchair. → Show more.

Jennifer Robinson - The Arts2014

Jennifer's MS has slowly robbed her of her life and is now totally dependent on someone else. → Show more.

Lynette Hawkes - The Arts2014

Lynette's dream is to see her children's book she has written published.

Jennifer's MS has slowly robbed her of her life and is now totally dependent on someone else. → Show more.

Sue Farey - Travel2014

Susan has always wanted to travel, but while raising a young family was never in a financial position to do so. → Show more.

Tracey Naughton - Travel 2014

Tracey's dream is to return to South African village where she had the great honour of working years ago. → Show more.

Tony Jordan - Travel 2014

Tony's dream is to take his wife, who also has MS on a cruise so that they can spend some quality time together. → Show more.

David Ralph - Travel 2014

David's dream is to 'Walk In New York' while he can. → Show more.

Sophie - Travel 2014

Sophie and her sister have always had dreams that they wanted to travel together. → Show more.

Vincent Leccese - Travel 2014

Vincent has always had the dream of climbing Mt. Everest which has grown stronger in the last couple of years. → Show more.

Frank - Travel 2014

Frank has been unable to spend quality time with his son due to the progression of his MS. → Show more.

Chris Tucker - Sport 2014

Chris set aside his passion for competitive sailing when he started his own business in 2007 thinking he could come back to it at any time. → Show more.

Erin Rogers - Sport 2014

Erin's dream is to run around and keep up with her 2 year old! But since MS entered her life in 2007 her legs have been mostly affected. → Show more.

Jennie - Education 2014

Jennie feels that having MS has changed the way her brain thinks and how well she works with distraction. → Show more.

Mary-Anne Jones - Education 2014

Mary-Anne's dream is to qualify as a Legal Secretary. → Show more.

Maria Bradford - Education 2014

After 5 years of working with 'Very Special Kids' helping support families of a child with a life threatening condition, Maria's dream is to upgrade her skills and contemplate a future in the field of Family Therapy. → Show more.

Rhyianydd - Education 2014

Rhyianydd has decided to return to university and retrain from a graphic designer to a psychologist, but this wasn't an easy decision. → Show more.

Claire - Education 2014

As a qualified Doula (birth attendant) Claire's dream is to provide childbirth education classes to women and their partners as they prepare for the birth of their baby. → Show more.

Katrina Cragg - Employment 2014

Katrina's dream is to be the most successful Avon Leader and Representative that she can be. → Show more.

Rosemarie Paton - Lifestyle/Social 2014

Rosemarie's dream is to continue her trips to the pool weekly. → Show more.

Kim Young - Lifestyle/Social 2014

Kim's dream is to have a small cake baking business at home which she has named "A Piece of Cake" and to involve members of her local MS Support Group. → Show more.

Kevin Stafford - Lifestyle/Social 2014

Kevin has been using a Tilt Table regularly for the past 14 years which helps him to stand. → Show more.

Ortenzia Biancofiore - Lifestyle/Social 2014

Ortenzia's dream is that she would like to produce a cooking show and star as the 'One Armed Chef'. → Show more.

Karen Parker - Music2014

Karen's dream is to learn how to play the piano for her own relaxation and sheer enjoyment and to give pleasure to others. → Show more.


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