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Multiple sclerosis affects everybody differently. Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) can occur among some people living with the disease.

It is extremely important that you continue to eat well and enjoy your delicious food.  Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy a wonderful array of foods packed full of nutrients:

  • Get nutritional advice from a dietitian or nutritionist.

  • If required, see a speech therapist to assess and assist with your swallowing.

  • Eat smaller meals more frequently.

  • Eat softer foods.

  • Bake or mash vegetables.

  • Tuck your chin in when you swallow, this helps to close your airway temporarily.

  • Sit upright to eat.

  • Take your time with your meals.

  • Chew well.

  • Alternate liquid with solid food to moisten it.

  • Avoid speaking whilst eating.

  • Eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Stay upright for at least 30 mins after you have eaten.

  • Introduce more soups, smoothies, yoghurt, vegetable mash and veggie juices into your meals.

  • Thicken drinks if required by adding a corn starch product.

Tasty ideas

  • Enjoy some of the tasty ideas for easy to swallow soups, smoothies and delicious meals in our recipe section and adapt and create some of your own.

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