Tips for success

Changing your diet and moving to a healthier way of living is an empowering and exciting transition, especially as you notice the positive changes that occur.
Here are some tips for your healthy transition:
  • Adopt a great attitude, jump in, get started.  Studies show it's an empowering and health-enhancing experience.
  • Set yourself some healthy eating goals that are S.M.A.R.T. = Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attractive, Realistic and Timely.
  • Educate yourself about healthy eating.
  • Think about food in a new way.  Years ago, meat and potatoes were the Australian ideal.  Now we know that vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, nuts and fish are best.
  • Spring clean your pantry: remove the foods out of your house that you do not want to eat anymore.
  • Keep healthy snacks handy.  Go to the Recipes section for lots of ideas for healthy snacks.
  • See your GP, dietitian or nutritionist for some personalised advice.
  • Some people like to make big changes straight away and that's great.  Others prefer to take small steps and set small achievable targets or goals.  Decide what's best for you.
  • Acknowledge your achievements.  Really take the time to acknowledge and congratulate yourself regarding how well you are doing.  This releases dopamine in the brain which is part of our reward system and it helps us to keep on track.  Simple but powerful.  If you decide to treat or reward yourself buy those organic blueberries, have a massage, go to the movies, take time with a friend, take time for you; something healthy and affirming.
  • Seek support and spend time with people with similar values and goals.
  • Plan ahead in social and family situations by taking a healthy snack to have with a coffee or tea. 
  • Arrange a walk with a friend to catch up rather than a drink.
  • Encourage your family, friends and houemates to be supportive and tell them of your plans.
  • Find a buddy or training partner for support and motivation.
  • Notice what things enable you to stay on track and what events / situations / moods / environments / emotions / people are barriers to your positive changes.  Plan ahead for these situations and learn about them more each time they occur.
  • Plan healthy meals.  You will gradually build up a range of meals that work for you.
  • Cook double - it saves time and gives you ready made healthy choices fast.
  • Store in single serve storage containers in the freezer so they are ready to go.
  • Shop for the week / order online: planning and preparing your meals in advance will help.
  • Pantry power: stock a great pantry.
  • Go to the Recipes section for lots of easy to prepare ideas to get started.
  • With any change it is normal to fall out of your new good habits from time to time.  The trick is to notice what's happening, be gentle and kind to yourself (try not to tell yourself off) and resume your healthy habits again.


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