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  • Ever wondered how the NDIS will change your day to day practice?
  • Do you understand NDIS eligibility and how to support someone to evidence their functional impairment?
  • What barriers exist for people living with multiple sclerosis to access the NDIS?
  • How can I assist someone to prepare for their planning conversation with NDIS?
  • What is the transition process for people currently in receipt of funded supports?
  • What common supports and services do people living with multiple sclerosis receive in their approved plan?

Upcoming Webinars


NDIS Hot Tips and Q&A

Our NDIS Advisor, Robyn Lang presents a Q&A session to deal with all your NDIS related questions. Robyn will also give you her top NDIS tips to help you through your NDIS journey. (Recorded 25 September 2019)

Handouts: NDIS-Top-Tips-and-Q-A-Short-Webinar-Handouts-Sep-2019.pdf

Accessing the NDIS 

Do you want to know how to access the NDIS? Join Pam Williams, Engagement Team Leader, as she discusses how the Engagement Team can support you to do this. This discussion will include the NDIS eligibility criteria, how we can support you with preparing for the completion of your NDIS Access Request Form (ARF), and the information required by the NDIA. (Recorded 24 June 2020)

Webinar Handouts: Accessing the NDIS

Managing the Funding in your NDIS Plan

There are four ways the funds in your plan can be managed - NDIA Managed, Plan Management, Self-Management, or a combination (of these approaches). Our NDIS guru Robyn Lang has designed this webinar to help dispel the myths and give you the facts about the different ways you can manage the funds in your NDIS plan. This is a great webinar for anyone who is on embarking, or already on their NDIS journey. (Recorded 26 March 2019)

Webinar handouts: Managing the Funding in your NDIS Plan- slides.  MS Information Sheet: Managing the Funding in your NDIS Plan

Understanding the NDIS

Recorded July 2018
Webinar Handouts: Access ProcessEligibilityIs the NDIS for Me? What is the NDIS? A GPs guide to the NDIS Access Request FormAccess Request FormWebinar slides.

NDIS: What Support Coordination can do for you

Here's an opportunity to learn the basics of NDIS Support Coordination – what it is, how to access it and what a Support Coordinator can do to help you navigate the NDIS. Find out how our team can help you to put your plan into action. This important webinar is presented by MS Team member, Lauren Houlder. (Recorded 2 June 2020)

Webinar Handouts: NDIS: What Support Coordination can do for you and NDIS Services: Support Coordination

Understanding the NDIS and Preparing for your NDIS Plan Webinar

Recorded 31 October 2018

Post planning: getting the most from your NDIS plan and being prepared for your annual review

Recorded 9 April 2019
Webinar handouts: Getting the Most from your NDIS Plan and your Annual Review. NDIS Local Area Coordination. NDIS - Understanding the Support Categories in your Plan

If you have any impairment that stops you from doing everyday things by yourself, you might be eligible for insurance support to help you achieve your goals.  Contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138 for more information.

You can learn more about the what, when and where, why, how and who of NDIS in this section. You can also access information sheets about all kinds of things, such as eligibility, the rollout times, goals, the planning conversation and more, in our NDIS publications section.

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