Doris' story

“I think the NDIS is a great thing, and if there's a chance someone can get into it, go for it, don’t be scared.”

Doris is a mother, grandmother and wife, an avid shopper and a person living with multiple sclerosis.

Doris has been attending her local MS Social Support Day Program for the past 21 years, and she loves it.

"I totally enjoy it. We do activities. If you don’t want to do anything, you don’t have to, there’s no pressure. You can just be there, and be who you want to be," Doris says.

Doris also loves to shop. However it can be difficult to get to and from her social engagements, due to her multiple sclerosis symptoms. This led to Doris being dependant on her husband Fred to help her get around.

Doris’ main goal is to stay independent for as long as she can, and to continue to socialise.

To support this goal, NDIS has paid for Doris' slimline scooter so she can easily get in and out of shops on her own, and also for taxis so she can head into her MS Social Support Day Program independently. NDIS also pays for a cleaner to lessen the load at home so Doris has more time and energy to get out into the community.

In Doris' new plan, NDIS will be helping with some home modifications to help Doris stay in her own home. 

"The way our house is configured, we had decking out the back, which made it a little bit awkward for Doris to get up and down steps to start with. So they came around, measured up and designed a ramp for us so that we could come straight into the house on a wheelchair," said Fred.

MS Support Coordinator Deborah said that Doris wasn't always keen on accessing the NDIS.

"Doris felt overwhelmed by the NDIS, so keeping her familiar with who’s who is important. Knowing where her services are coming from, knowing that she can actually give feedback on things she’s not happy about with her plan, and making sure that her plan stays working for her. And that’s what the role of MS Support Coordination is all about."

Fred said MS Support Coordination has helped him understand the NDIS too.

"We found our MS Support Coordinator is only a phone call away. They’ll talk to you about whatever you want to discuss. It’s been tremendous."

If you have any impairment that stops you from doing everyday things by yourself, like Doris does, you might be eligible for insurance support to help you achieve your goals.

If you have any impairment that stops you from doing everyday things by yourself, like Doris does, you might be eligible for support to help you achieve your goals.Contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138 for more information.

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