NDIS & My Aged Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme and My Aged Care are two major changes to how people in the community access support. The NDIS supports people under the age of 65, while My Aged Care is geared towards supporting people over 65 live well. We’re big believers in these social reforms, and we’re here to make sure the community understands what they involve, how people living with multiple sclerosis can benefit – and also to help them prepare for and navigate these schemes.

How do we provide this?

My Aged Care

If you, your loved one or someone you care about is over 65 (over 50 if Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander) and require formal supports, this presentation is for you! Presented by Emily Austin, MS Connect Specialist who worked in the aged care field for many years, assisting people to access services through My Aged Care to support them to maintain their independence both in the home and community. (Recorded 12 August 2020)

Webinar Handouts: My Aged Care - slides, My Aged Care brochure

Navigating My Aged Care

Carmel Williams works with the Financial Information Service that is part of the Australian Government Department of Human Services. Carmel will help us all with a better understanding of the My Aged Care System, who is eligible, what services can be accessed and how we go about it. If you or someone you care for is over 65, this program will be of great interest to you. (Recorded 2 October 2019)

Featured service: MS Support Coordination

Before her diagnosis, Giselle was a full-time social worker and exhibiting textile artist. That all came crashing down when she was forcibly retired in 2013 because of her symptoms – one of which was a loss of strength made even the act of manually threading a needle impossible.

“Everything I loved doing was taken away from me and I sank into deep depression,” she says. 

The NDIS came to the ACT when Giselle had been at “rock bottom” for three years, and she was encouraged by a friend to give it a go. 

“My primary goal was to return to the art world, but my initial NDIS contact picked up immediately on the fact that I was isolated from the community, and that was her biggest focus,” Giselle explains. “She said, ‘We can sort out equipment or whatever else you want as secondary, but you need to get out of that house.”

Giselle then hooked up with MS Support Coordinator Helen who, in addition to guiding her through the process of understanding the NDIS, planning and liaising with the NDIA on her behalf, also helped Giselle find appropriate service providers such as OTs and gardeners to help her begin achieving her goal.

“Helen suggested I hire a support worker to assist me with art-related tasks that my physical limitations prevented me from doing independently. The support worker helped to build my confidence and re-engage with the community. We started off small, playing with techniques at home. She sorted out my art room, which doesn’t sound like much, but it really did get me back into the swing of things.

“She also connected me to experts regarding my health, which made a huge difference.

“Slowly but surely she got me to go out and see local exhibitions and talking to people in the art word.

Eventually I went on holiday to America, and a group called SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) recommended me to Quilt National, who had a look at my work and invited me to exhibit in 2019. 

“This all came off the back of building my confidence back up, which I don’t think I was in a position to do without my NDIS plan.”

The NDIS works, and we’re proud to be a part of helping people get the most out of it. 

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