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We have more than 60 years’ insight and experience into living well with multiple sclerosis, and we understand that no two days and no two people are the same. We assess people’s individual needs and how their symptoms are affecting their everyday life, and then make practical recommendations that will support them and their family.

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individual assessmentTry as the National Disability Insurance Agency might, its staff simply cannot be experts in the challenges presented by every disability. With multiple sclerosis especially, which is so varied and unpredictable, it’s crucial that anyone applying to participate in the NDIS prepares as much documentation as possible to demonstrate their need for supports and services.

As Anna discovered, the expertise of our specialists can be the difference between being rejected or accepted. 
Anna, 57, was diagnosed in 2000 but had experienced multiple sclerosis-related symptoms since she was in her early 20s. Over the past couple of years she’d been having more and more falls, and as a result had become quite sedentary. When the NDIS rolled out into her area in NSW, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to fund some exercise equipment for her home and get some direction in helping manage her declining functions.

The NDIA disagreed, knocking back her application. 

“They explained that from the information provided, I ‘did not meet the disability requirements outlined 
in section 24 of the NDIS Act,” Anna says. “From their letter, I understood that my neurologist didn’t write enough in explanation of my disability.”

Anna came to MS for help in challenging the NDIA’s decision – specifically one of our physiotherapists, Dr Phu Hoang, who assessed her, wrote a report on her symptoms and challenges, and recommended supports and interventions that would help her live better. These included a walking frame, a recumbent stationary bike at home, and group sessions with an exercise physiologist. 

Anna included Dr Phu’s report and a letter from her GP in her application for a review.

“Those were enough evidence of disability,” Anna says. “I gained access to NDIS!”

There are many people like Anna who need this additional support, and we understand and embrace how important it is to investigate everyone’s individual situation and circumstances.

We use 60 years of MS expertise to assess your individual needs and how your multiple sclerosis symptoms are affecting your everyday life. We can make recommendations and referrals to help address the symptoms using a number of services such as physio, OT, continence, exercise. We can help you access the services you need.


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