Continence Support

Take control of your bladder and bowel and change your whole life

If MS is affecting your bladder, bowel and/or sexual dysfunction, you're not alone. Up to 80% of people living with MS have the same experience.

Our Continence services can empower you to take control of these issues to improve your relationships, work life, sleep and day-to-day life.

We understand it can be uncomfortable to talk about, but our friendly team are here to listen and help. There are lots of ways we can help you take back control and manage your bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

How our Continence services work


We provide continence support in a number of ways, and we can talk through the best way to access the right service for you.

Once you are matched to one of our Continence nurses, your first appointment can take place over the phone, via video call, or face-to-face in one of our offices.

We'll work with you to understand what's most important to you and how we can overcome barriers to doing what you want to, when you want to. We'll suggest practical strategies to overcome any challenges, and talk through options for treatment including medications, medical interventions and products and equipment. We'll also provide guidance on how to access the resources you need and fund products. We may refer you to other specialists for extra help.

You'll come away from your first appointment with a comprehensive plan. We'll support you to implement these changes to help your wellbeing and quality of life.

How to access Continence services


Continence support can be funded in a number of ways including through your NDIS plan, through State government funding or you have the option to pay privately. We can help you work out the best way to pay for this service.

Depending on where you live, you can access this service via Telehealth or in our Lidcombe NSW or Blackburn VIC offices.

To get started, contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138 or

How our Continence services can help

Our Continence nurses specialise in neurological conditions and will empower you to take control of your bladder and bowel symptoms.

This could include:

  • lifestyle and wellbeing advice to support better bladder function
  • talking through all the treatment options available and referring you to other specialists
  • strategies to help you manage at work and social activities
  • suggestions about products or equipment to manage challenges like leakage
  • advice to manage difficulty going to the toilet
  • options for addressing challenges with intimacy

There are so many ways to make life easier, and your plan will be tailored to you.

The challenges Continence support can help you address

  • Constipation, leakage, loose bowel, gas or Urinary Tract Infections
  • Impacts on relationships and intimacy
  • Difficulty navigating continence issues at work or social events
  • Poor quality sleep

The benefits of Continence support for neuro conditions

  • Live more independently
  • Better sleep
  • More confidence at work and socially
  • Improved relationships, mood and emotions


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