A Fatigue Management Program

FACETS (Fatigue: Applying Cognitive behavioural and Energy Effectiveness Techniques to LifeStyle) is an evidence-based group program for people living with multiple sclerosis. It’s designed to help you learn to manage your fatigue.

The FACETS program incorporates ‘energy effectiveness’ techniques and ways to maximise your energy, as well as cognitive behavioural strategies and helpful ways of thinking about fatigue.

The program was developed in the United Kingdom by researchers from Bournemouth University and clinical staff from Poole Hospital.

The program consists of six face to face sessions in groups of 8–12 people held weekly. We are also delighted to be able to now offer the program in a webinar format.

How we can help

MS occupational therapists and nurses have been trained to deliver the FACETS program and will run face to face programs.

FACETS Fatigue Management

  • 6 sessions
  • Includes self-directed activities (completed in your own time)
  • 1.5 hour sessions (2 hours on the first week)
  • Weekly meetings
  • Led by trained staff
  • Maximum group size is 12 (as per course writers' guidelines)


  • people who are living with multiple sclerosis
  • life is impacted by fatigue
  • able to walk independently, with or without a walking aid


The six-week program including workbook and all resources is $80* per person. Participants are encouraged to bring a family member or friend for the first session.

*You may be eligible to access NDIS funding for this program. Speak with your Local Area Coordinator or your Support Coordinator.

When and where



Expressions of Interest are now open for our Fatigue Management Programs.
Express your interest here.

If you have any questions at all in the meantime, please contact MS Connect on free call 1800 042 138 or facets@ms.org.au



What people are saying about the FACETS program

“What has changed for me as a result of participating in the FACETS program is that i am so much more aware of living to enjoy each day instead of just getting through each day. That there are little things i can do that are so beneficial (planned rests, mini naps, eating well and not feeling bad for saying no to people/events.”

“I have learnt many skills that are helping me with everyday life and I occasionally "go over" my notes to refresh my memory. I now look at life differently, relaxing/meditating more, exercising more, eating better (still have a long way to go) and talking more.”

“I think I understand my limitations a bit better and am OK with them. I'm a bit kinder to myself and am OK with accepting help and taking breaks. I've also met a lot of lovely people both other participants and staff at the MS Centre.”

"The most beneficial thing to come from the course were the connections I've made with people having similar experiences. The participants from my group keep in touch regularly through messaging and I find it helpful to hear tips and tricks from others."

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