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These recorded webinars are designed to assist health professionals and community service providers who are supporting people living with multiple sclerosis.

Understanding MS and other neurological diseases

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 101

Recorded: 28 February 2019: This webinar will support health professionals to understand what multiple sclerosis is, contributions to susceptibility, epidemiology and the implications, disease progression, current treatments and symptom management. Presented by Prof. Jeannette Lechner-Scott - View the Video

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) 101

Recorded: 19 November 2020: An introductory session on Motor Neurone Disease (MND) for Health Professionals - View the Video

Caring for your Residents with Multiple Sclerosis

Recorded: 27 October 2017: Webinar recording for PCAs and Nurses who are caring for a resident with multiple sclerosis ​- View the Video

Managing Symptoms

Best Practise Exercise and Physiotherapy Prescription in Multiple Sclerosis

Recorded: 15 November 2021: This webinar will support physiotherapists working with clients with multiple sclerosis. Content will include exercise testing and assessment, prescription and monitoring. Two case studies will be examined and recommendations made - View the Video

Cognitive Screening Tools - What to Use, When and How to Take a Really Useful History

Recorded: 21 October 2021: This session will provide you with an overview of cognitive screening tools, including recommendations of what to use and where. It will also give you a template for taking a cognitive history. We'll explore what to focus on and what to carefully listen for when taking a history - View the Video

Managing Cognitive Changes in Multiple Sclerosis

Recorded: 15 October 2020: This program explores everyday cognitive management strategies which you can directly implement in your own practice. Presented by highly experienced MS Occupational Therapists it provides numerous, very practical and proven strategies to help you in your clinical practice - View the Video

Understanding Cognitive Change in Multiple Sclerosis

Recorded: 1 September 2020: Cognitive changes are invisible and require a nuanced understanding of what is happening and how it might be manifesting for your clients ​- View the Video

Managing Spasticity

Recorded: 20 August 2020: This webinar is packed with very practical tips and evidence-based research to enhance your practice - View the Video

Managing Discomfort

Recorded: 23 July 2020: Discover great tips, strategies and case studies to share with you which will challenge and enhance your clinical practice - View the Video

Managing Clients' Behaviours of Concern Webinar

Recorded: 25 March 2020: Discussing key behavioural strategies to implement in your practice to help manage your clients' concerning behaviours and increase your understanding of the underlying pathophysiology ​- View the Video

Chronic Pain Management webinar

Recorded: 11 October 2018: Insights into how chronic pain is best managed by a multidisciplinary pain management plan ​- View the Video

Managing Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

Recorded: 30 July 2017: This session looks at the nature of multiple sclerosis fatigue and strategies to help clients better manage this symptom that has such disabling implications - View the Video

Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness

Recorded: 2 June 2016: Janice Kotze, MS Consultant Social Worker, provides you with resources and information to assist your clients in self-management when living with a chronic illness ​- View the Video

Communicating with patients

Talking Confidently about Sex and Sexuality with your clients

Recorded: 25 June 2020: This Health Professional webinar will assist practitioners to talk about sex and sexual function with their clients in a more confident, sensitive and supportive framework - View the Video

Motivational Interviewing for Health Professionals

Recorded: 18 June 2020: Motivational Interviewing is a technique to help you and your clients successfully navigate the world of behaviour change - View the Video

Health professional wellbeing

Creating Healthy Boundaries for Better Relationships, Greater Resilience and Wellbeing

Recorded: 1 November 2021: Boundaries are the dividing lines between us and others, symbolising where we end and someone else begins. This webinar will explore how healthy boundaries – within your personal and professional life - can enhance your relationships and connections and create a sense of personal empowerment and resilience ​- View the Video

Self Care for Health Professionals

Recorded: 6 March 2019: Dr. Shaw will provide an explanation of exactly what self-care is, elements of excellent self-care and how you can create a self-care plan for you ​- View the Video

Managing Your Professional Liability Webinar

Recorded: 22 February 2018: Information to ensure Health Practitioners minimize their risk of medical negligence, learn what documentation is key and how to manage their documentation ​- View the Video

Treatments and therapies

Medication Management of Multiple Sclerosis

Recorded: 11 November 2020: MS Limited and The Pharmacy Guild of Australia are presenting a webinar with the explicit aim of improving the knowledge of MS medications for all health professionals involved in prescribing or advising - View the Video

Neurophysiotherapy - Minimising Brain Loss in MS

Recorded: 17 June 2019: This webinar brings to you the latest evidence regarding the ability of exercise to potentially slow down the neurological decline in MS and influence remyelination ​- View the Video

Promoting Physical Function - The Benefits of Exercise

Recorded: 31 May 2018: Join Jackie as she discusses current research and recent guidelines for exercise prescription for people living with multiple sclerosis ​- View the Video

Mindfulness For Health Professionals

Recorded: 8 February 2017: Mindfulness - how do you bring the concept to your clients and more importantly, how to incorporate mindfulness into your practice and personal life as a health care provider? ​- View the Video

Practical advice

Explore practical, everyday information about things like money, respite and legal advice.

Health professionals

These sessions are designed to assist health professionals and community service providers who are supporting people living with multiple sclerosis.

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