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Knowledge is power, and we’re here to help inform you and direct you to reliable sources of support.

Our MS education sessions cover a wide breadth of topics and can be accessed at face-to-face events, over the phone or via webinars in the comfort of your own home. You can also view recordings of some of our previous sessions and handouts.



Face-to-face Events

  • Ballarat Wellness Dinner - Ballarat VIC  Wednesday 12 February, 6.30pm - 8.30pm Cost involved, bursaries available 
  • Hobart Couples Retreat - Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 February at Salamanca Inn
           Expressions of Interest now open! 
           Send an email by Friday 24 January 2020 to education@ms.org.au with your response to the following :
           1. Your name and your partner's name
           2. Tell us why you want to attend the Hobart Couples Retreat?
           3. Will you require a disability access room?
           4. Option to attend an additional night (Sunday) - Would you like to attend 1 night or 2 nights?
           Cost: $50 per couple, bursaries available.

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To register click on the links above. For more information please email education@ms.org.au or call MS Connect™ (Freecall 1800 042 138).

Learn about MS

Learn all about multiple sclerosis — including information about the disease and the treatments available, the latest research and how we can support you to live well with the multiple sclerosis. 

Living well

Living well with a chronic illness requires a range of strategies including fatigue management, stress management, good nutrition and exercise.

Keeping fit and healthy

Learn more about exercising while you're living with multiple sclerosis.

Managing symptoms

Learn about different strategies to manage specific multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Practical advice

Explore practical, everyday information about things like money, respite and legal advice.

Health professionals

These sessions are designed to assist health professionals and community service providers who are supporting people living with multiple sclerosis.

Find support in your local area

Find information, support and services in your local area – whether you’re a person living with multiple sclerosis, or a family member, friend or carer.

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