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Welcome to our podcast series, MS Podcasts. In each episode we will be exploring some common multiple sclerosis symptoms and wellness topics and importantly providing you with some practical strategies to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

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What's New

MS Podcast - Men, MS, Sex and Sexuality: all you need to know Research Update: ECTRIMS 2021 Highlights Men and Mental Resilience with Gus Worland

COVID Related

Mental Resilience during COVID-19 COVID Vaccinations

Learning about MS

Newly Diagnosed – your questions answered by Neurologist, Prof. Jeannette Lechner-ScottMedications in Multiple SclerosisResearch Update: ECTRIMS 2021 Highlights

Relapse Series

Relapse Series Episode 1 - What is an MS Relapse? Relapse Series Episode 2 - "I think I'm having a relapse, what do I do?" Relapse Series Episode 3 - "I'm Having a Relapse, What Now?" Relapse Series Episode 4 - Road to Recovery after a Relapse

Inspiring Lives

Inspiring Lives Series - Ian Heydon Inspiring Lives Series - Clare Reilly Inspiring Lives Series - Jillian Kingsford Smith Inspiring Lives Series with Dr Sally Shaw Inspiring Lives Series with Artist Leah Breninger

Managing Symptoms

Managing Bowel Issues Tips for Managing Pain Managing MS Fatigue Coping with the Heat Managing your Bladder Symptoms with MS Nurse Advisor, Bridie Phillips

Living Well with MS

Men and Mental Resilience with Gus Worland Eat Well and Live Well with multiple sclerosis - An Interview
Please note: the background music in this podcast may be too loud for some. Until we have resources to re-record this, we ask you to please bear with it.
I Have MS, What Do I Eat? Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis Improve your Sleep Sex, Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis Building your Resilience Building Healthy Relationships Working with Multiple Sclerosis Conversations and Situations – Taking the Controls Back Smoking and MS Nutrition Research and MS Risk and Progression Dating Healthy Habit Change with Dr Yvonne Learmonth Menopause and MS with Dr Fatima Kahn

For Carers and Family members

Care and Tips for Carers

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Learn about MS

Learn all about multiple sclerosis — including information about the disease and the treatments available, the latest research and how we can support you to live well with the multiple sclerosis. 

Living well

Living well with a chronic illness requires a range of strategies including fatigue management, stress management, good nutrition and exercise.

Keeping fit and healthy

Learn more about exercising while you're living with multiple sclerosis.

Managing symptoms

Learn about different strategies to manage specific multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Practical advice

Explore practical, everyday information about things like money, respite and legal advice.

Health professionals

These sessions are designed to assist health professionals and community service providers who are supporting people living with multiple sclerosis.

Find support in your local area

Find information, support and services in your local area – whether you’re a person living with multiple sclerosis, or a family member, friend or carer.

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