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Working and participating in the community are hugely important activities. If people find their multiple sclerosis symptoms are making working difficult, we’re here to help them stay in their current job for as long as possible – or find the right job for them.

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Featured service: MS Employment Support Service

employmentWorking can be difficult for people living with multiple sclerosis, but the benefits can include helping to maintain financial independence, a better sense of self-worth and social inclusion. Just ask Sharryn.

She’s just one of the many success stories of our MS Employment Support Service, which assesses people and then helps to find ways to support them achieve balance between working and living with multiple sclerosis.
Sharryn works in a call centre four days a week. When she was referred to the MS Employment Support Service, she struggled with back and neck pain; fatigue was impacting on her ability to concentrate, and reduced mobility made getting around the office difficult – especially getting to the bathroom on time.

“The program has been great,” Sharryn says. “I’ve had fantastic support and I can contact the MS Employment Support Service whenever I have a problem.

“I used to experience terrible back and neck pain and the MS Employment Support Service has assisted with funding an ergonomic desk chair, which provides me with good support – and I’m no longer in pain at work.”
As well as meeting regularly to help monitor and manage her symptoms, Sharryn’s MS Employment Consultant supported her though an episode of depression, referred her to the MS Urology Clinic to help manage difficulties, assisted her to access an exercise program and physiotherapy for maintaining mobility, and provided information about home and car modifications to prevent falls and make commuting easier.

It’s a holistic approach that works, and it’s helped Sharryn enjoy perhaps the biggest employment benefit of all: “Continuing to be employed takes my mind off multiple sclerosis,” she says.

The MS Employment Support Service is fully government-funded in Victoria and NSW, with no out-of-pocket expenses for participants – and we’re currently working on rolling the program out across Australia.

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