Real employment stories

These real life stories of people over-coming the hurdles of working whilst living with multiple illustrate that with the right support it's not always necessary to abandon one's career.

Melita’s story


Melita is a senior research fellow with a PhD and more than 50 publications under her belt, she’s working full-time in a challenging and rewarding career, and has two gorgeous kids at home. So why would she apply to the MS Employment Support Service for assistance?

After Melita was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in 2008, a year after her first son was born, she had to work around symptoms including cognitive fog, fatigue and nerve pain while completing her PhD.

 “I work across several locations and travel frequently, and the visits to collaborators or conferences can be particularly fatiguing, which sometimes affects the time I should be enjoying with my family. That fatigue often rolls over into several days, which affects my capacity to work.

Melita contacted the MS Employment Support Service to better manage her fatigue and after an initial consultation she was able to receive a fully funded workstation at to enable her to work remotely. “I work two days a week from home on average now, which means several hours’ less commuting as well as saving time and energy used just to get ready to go into the office.I have more time and energy with the family, and because of the workstation, and also because people don’t interrupt me, I’m often more productive at home than I am in the office!”

The MS Employment Support Service has also organised support to get Melita into exercise classes, purchased some cooling clothing and recommended phone applications that will help her organise her work and schedule.

One phone call helped Melita restore the balance in her hectic life “One of the things I struggle with is asking for help,” Melita explains. “When you’re doing OK outwardly, there’s a guilt that can come with seeking assistance from an organisation like MS, where you tell yourself there are other people in harder situations that need more help than you, and you don’t want to get in the way of that. This perception is actually unjustified, though.

Through my contact with MS, they’ve made it clear that they’re there to help anyone living with multiple sclerosis at any time, no matter how well or otherwise they’re travelling. In fact, getting support at an early stage like this often helps keep us well.

You can read Melita’s full story in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of InTouch.

Tim’s story

It was in 2008, soon after Tim had proposed to his wife and was enjoying his football career, when he noticed his first symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Blurred vision turned into double vision and before long numbness started to set in. Cleverly Tim diversified his professional life and changed roles to a high profile role with an international airline carrier requiring less mobility and continues his passion for sport, when he took up wheelchair basketball. Trying to hide the symptoms at work became increasingly hard for Tim, who soon after, contacted MS Employment Support. Our team talked to his employer and they all worked together to allow Tim to reach his full potential, as well as provide him with a wheelchair to combat his impaired balance and fatigue.

What others are saying

“Personal experience- I received training - and help with resume - and obtained a job - so very happy with the service”

“I'm still working because of this service. The support and feedback has been priceless to me. I'm even thinking of moving ahead with my career now.”

“The service is fantastic! Extremely helpful & has made my working life much more manageable”

“There support and assistance is very much appreciated and because of them, I am still employed”

“You’re service and employment support person has enabled me to continue working. I am very grateful for the services and support, Thankyou”

“I have just retired and could have not worked for last few years without MS Employment Service!!!”

Source MS Employment Support Service NPS Results Survey 2018


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