Working with multiple sclerosis webinars

We run a number of webinars about working with multiple sclerosis. Check out our MS Education program for upcoming webinars, or you can watch previous webinars below.

Working with multiple sclerosis

Are you aware of your rights and responsibilities and your employer's obligations in your workplace? This is a vital webinar for those living and working with multiple sclerosis. 

Presented by MS Employment Support Consultants, Leigh McCaffrey and Glenn Barrientos. (Recorded 9 July 2019)

Webinar handouts: Working with Multiple Sclerosis

Working with multiple sclerosis with guest speaker from Maurice Blackburn 

It's very important for people with MS to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and their employer’s obligations in the workplace.

This program includes:

  • Strategies for symptom management in the workplace
  • Discussion about disclosure of MS at work
  • Employer, employee rights & responsibilities
  • Superannuation and insurance considerations
  • Who to contact regarding work issues

The program is led by MS Employment Support Service staff with a guest speaker from Maurice Blackburn Solicitors. (Recorded October 2018)

Webinar Handouts : Working with MS Handout


Working with MS - Defending your job

Presented by Slater & Gordon, this webinar will focus on practical tips for defending a job when an employer makes life difficult.

Webinar handouts - Working with MS, Defending your job

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