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MS Occupational Therapy Assessment is all about supporting you to be as independent as possible, and to keep participating at home, work and socially.

This includes developing strategies and using the right equipment or home modifications to support you in all the everyday things you want to do. We can also train you to use your new equipment.

Some of the problems OT can help address:

  • difficulty getting around at home
  • trouble transferring in and out of bed, chairs, shower or bath
  • extreme fatigue
  • difficulty with thinking and memory
  • struggling to stay on top of things

The benefits of our OT:

  • improve your mobility so you can keep being independent and get out into the community
  • allow you to do things for yourself
  • home modifications can be all it takes to keep you living in your own home
  • keep on top of your work, family and leisure
  • better manage your time

Where we offer OT:

  • We have OT consultants across VIC, and some other areas. Contact MS Connect to see if we have a consultant in your area.

How do I pay?

  • OT is an NDIS funded service. If you’re eligible for the NDIS, you can speak to your planner about including OT in your plan. If you’re eligible, it won’t cost you anything.

This assessment comes under the NDIS ‘Activities of daily living’ support cluster.

Download occupational therapy assessment and training info sheet  

To access this service please contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138 or and we can provide extra information, explain what to ask for in your NDIS plan and help you get started.

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