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Feeling confident and independent in your own home is vital for anyone’s wellbeing. We can help foster this wellbeing for people affected by multiple sclerosis in a number of ways, such as ensuring their home meets their needs, giving them a break from their own home or caring commitments, or finding them a home that’s right for them and helping them move in.

How do we provide this?

Featured service: MS Residential and the NDIS

ResidentialLife has often been unkind to David. After losing his father and brother at an early age, he began to enjoy life again living with his mother and grandmother on their much-loved property, three house blocks in Eltham, Victoria. As a young adult he even built his own house on one of the blocks, where he continued to live alongside his family and helped care for his grandmother. 

Then disaster struck again. He lost his mum and grandmother, leaving him with no family – and to make matters worse, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 

Unable to live on his own, David moved in to supported accommodation at MS Watsonia. Although he is a quiet man, he quickly made friends with fellow residents and enjoyed spending time in the local community with them. But as time went on and David lost several of those friends, he became more withdrawn and anxious, spending most of his time in the solitude of his room. 

When he did agree to go on outings with staff, funding meant it was often with other residents, which David found overwhelming and stressful. Stress can trigger his epilepsy, so this led to him avoiding almost all planned outings and becoming more isolated.

Then the NDIS came along. We helped ensure David’s funding would be individual, and after a couple of false starts with one-on-one support workers we found Mika, who has let David take the lead on how he would like to spend his time and work towards meeting the goals set in his NDIS plan. These goals include going back to Eltham to see his family property, stopping in at his old haunts and visiting his family at the cemetery. David is slowly gaining confidence. 

“Mika’s a lovely lady,” David says. “I really look forward to her visits. I can talk to her in a relaxed way and she doesn’t push me to go out if I’m not feeling up to it.” 

For David, the NDIS has made a world of difference and given him a pathway back to enjoying time in the community. We’re proud to have been involved.


Living with multiple sclerosis can be difficult, both for the person experiencing the disease and for their carer.

It’s important for carers to have breaks from their caring role for rejuvenation. It’s also important for people living with multiple sclerosis to have a break from their regular routine, to socialise with other people and enjoy different experiences.

There are several different types of respite for you to consider. It’s a good idea to plan ahead to allow as much flexibility and choice as possible.

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