The application process

To apply for a Go for Gold Scholarship, you need to:

  1. Download and complete an application form or contact MS Connect™ (Freecall 1800 042 138 or email and ask them to post you one. If you are unable to sign, a witness must sign on your behalf.
  2. Provide two written and signed references which briefly describe how the scholarship will allow you to achieve your dream and the benefits it will provide.
The two written references must:
  • be written by somebody who has known you for longer than 12 months
  • be written by somebody who is not a family member or from the MS organisation
  • be signed by the person who wrote it
  • include their name and contact details
  • Return the completed and signed application form and the two written references by the closing date, 26 June 2017.

You can return your application by post, fax or email to:

The Nerve Centre
Private Bag 900
Blackburn VIC 3130
Fax: 03 9845 2777

NSW and ACT:
Gloria McKerrow House
117 Denison St
Deakin ACT 2600
F: 03 9845 2777

Application forms will be available from March 2017.

People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

You are very welcome to apply in your preferred language. If you would prefer to submit an application in a language other than English, please contact MS Connect™ (Freecall 1800 042 138 or email
If you have difficulty with completing a written application or do not have access to a printer, please contact MS Connect™ for assistance.


Go for Gold Scholarships are open to people:

  • with a confirmed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
  • of any age
  • who are registered with MS.

 You must have:

  • responded to the selection criteria listed in the application form. 
  • submitted your application form before the closing date.

 You must not have:

  • previously received a Go for Gold Scholarship (if you have applied in the past and didn’t receive a scholarship you can apply again)
  • already made the purchase you are hoping the scholarship will pay for. 

The judging process

All applications received by the closing date are submitted to one of three regional selection committees:

  • Northern Region — Northern NSW including Illawarra, Sydney, Nepean, Macarthur, Central Coast, Hunter New England, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Riverina, Western and Far Western NSW.
  • Central Region — ACT and Southern NSW including Goulburn and the South Coast.
  • Southern Region — Victoria.
Each regional committee will take into account the following criteria:
  • The application clearly describes a dream that the person with multiple sclerosis wants to achieve and how they will benefit from scholarship assistance.
  • The application clearly explains how the person with multiple sclerosis will use the scholarship funds to achieve their dream.
  • The application identifies positive long term outcomes which might result from the person with multiple sclerosis being able to follow their dream. These outcomes might be physical, emotional or related to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Scholarships may not be awarded in every category in each region.
  • Selection committees may award higher value scholarships for exceptional applications.
  • Once the selection committees have completed the judging process, all applicants will be advised by mail on the outcome of their application. A limited number of scholarships are available in each region, so not all applicants will be successful.

Awarding the scholarships to successful applicants

If you are awarded a scholarship:

  • You’ll be invited to attend a presentation ceremony in your region — all winners are encouraged to attend the ceremony and travel assistance may be provided.
  • You’ll receive the scholarship funds on the day of the ceremony. If you are not able to attend, alternative arrangements will be made for you to receive the scholarship funds.
  • You’ll be asked to provide a photo and information about the dream you’ll be achieving.  If you are happy for us to do so, we might use this to celebrate your scholarship through our websites, social media, Intouch magazine or through the media.  You can also choose to remain anonymous. We respect your privacy and if you prefer not to share details, this will not affect your chance of receiving a scholarship.
  • You’ll need to spend the money with the same intent that you described in your application, within twelve months of receiving the funds and you’ll be invited to report back on your progress. The scholarship is given in good faith and MS removes itself from any liability associated with expenditure.
  • You won’t be eligible to apply for further scholarships, as the MS Go for Gold scholarship is a one-off award.

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