Symptom management

There are several treatments available to ease specific symptoms and slow the progression of multiple sclerosis. Medications might also be prescribed to manage acute symptoms such as pain, spasticity, fatigue and bladder difficulties.

There are also important lifestyle tips that some people use to limit the impact of multiple sclerosis on their lives. Ultimately, each case of multiple sclerosis is different and treating and managing symptoms really comes down to the person, their families and carers finding the mix that suits best.


Managing specific symptoms

You can learn more about management strategies for specific symptoms by:

Seek professional advice

Get advice from your neurologist or GP about what medical treatments and self-management strategies might be most suitable for you.

Your appointments with your neurologist may be few and far between, and you may not have very long to ask a lot of questions. Our Preparing for your neurologist appointment checklist is a useful way to capture everything you need to discuss. This checklist was developed with the support of the MS Advisory Council of Victoria.

Support for you

Every person's experience of living with multiple sclerosis is different. Find the support and services you need to meet your individual circumstances.

Managing MS symptoms - an overview

John Mathews, MS Nurse Advisor explains the symptoms of MS and discusses management strategies. (Recorded August 2016)

Webinar handouts: Managing MS symptoms

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Find support in your local area

Find information, support and services in your local area – whether you’re a person living with multiple sclerosis, or a family member, friend or carer.

Newly Diagnosed

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can be extremely difficult to come to grips with. All of a sudden there is a lot of new information to absorb, questions to ask and key decisions to make. We're here for you - from the day you're diagnosed and each day after.


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