Finding a cure for multiple sclerosis is the ultimate goal, but we also know how important it is to invest in research to find ways of living well with the disease until the cure is found. In addition to conducting our own social and applied research, we work alongside other organisations such as MS Research Australia to help fund and share the latest discoveries and information.

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ResearchMS is primarily a service organisation concerned with supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis and ensuring they are equipped to live well. That includes the ability to access affordable and effective treatment options, which makes our investment and collaboration in multiple sclerosis research crucial.

While a cure continues to elude the world’s best and brightest, research has made huge leaps forward in not just our understanding of multiple sclerosis but also the many ways in which it can be treated and disease progression significantly delayed. The goals of treatment are to minimise, prevent or reverse disability.

World Federation of Neurologists President Prof William Carroll, who also serves on the MS Australia Board, highlights the importance of our collaborative approach to this kind of research.

“Advances in multiple sclerosis treatments depend on collaborative teamwork, a shared passion to control disease activity-induced injury and disability, and commitments by all involved to this common goal,” Prof Carroll says. “The MS family in Australia is a world leader in this area. We clinicians (nurses and doctors) and people living with multiple sclerosis are fortunate to have organisations such as MS, MS Research Australia and MS Australia dedicated to these goals.”

Evidence favours early treatment, which equates to better outcomes – and in February, two Australians made a huge breakthrough in facilitating early diagnosis when they discovered the world’s first blood biomarker for multiple sclerosis.

Macquarie University’s Dr Edwin Lim and Prof Gilles Guillemin led a major study that uncovered the chemical identifier. They expect that within two years, it will lead to a simple blood test that will identify what type of multiple sclerosis a person has, which will allow clinicians to adapt treatments for patients quickly and more accurately.

This project was partly funded by MS Research Australia who, with our support, are among a handful of organisations leading the way internationally – particularly through the International Progressive MS Alliance.
We stand by our ongoing commitment to multiple sclerosis research in all its forms; we celebrate what it’s achieved so far, and we look forward to the day the tireless work of the worldwide scientific community has cured this disease.


The world-wide effort to search for a cure for multiple sclerosis continues, and research investment remains a priority both in Australia and overseas. There are a number of organisations undertaking multiple sclerosis research in Australia, as well as individual hospitals and clinics.

We provide funds to MS Research Australia which allocates grants to the strongest multiple sclerosis research projects around Australia.

Our partners MS Research Australia are the largest not-for-profit funder of multiple sclerosis research in Australia.  Their mission is to accelerate research towards the prevention of multiple sclerosis, better treatments, and ultimately find a cure for the disease.

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