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Our MS research updates are part of our MS Education programs. They provide an opportunity to hear from MS researchers, they do not address individual circumstances or provide strategies.
MS Research Australia and MS co-hosted a series of MS Researcher Update webinars

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Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy

Associate Professor Dr John Moore from St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney presents on this interesting subject. Dr John Moore is a haematologist specialising in stem cell treatments. (Recorded August 2017)


Update on Heat Research

Dr Ollie Jay from the University of Sydney provides an update on his research into the impact of heat for people with multiple sclerosis, his recent work exploring whether people with MS get hotter during exercise, which is supported by a MS Research Australia Incubator Grant. (Recorded November 2016)

Webinar Handouts : Update on Heat Research

MRI Brain Volumetrics in MS

Presenter Dr Heidi Beadnall

In multiple sclerosis populations, it has been found that brain volumes and the rate of brain shrinkage (brain atrophy) correlate with physical disability and cognitive problems. Specialised computer software allows brain volumes and atrophy to be measured non-invasively from MRI scans. These techniques have been used widely in MS research and clinical trials, but are not used in routine clinical practice. My area of research interest is based around translating these MRI volumetric technologies into real-world MS practice. It is thought that these techniques may be able to be used in individual patients with MS, to help prognosticate early in disease and monitor the response to therapy

(Recorded 15 November 2016)
Webinar Handouts : MRI Brain Volumetrics in MS


Retaining Employment

Dr Diana Dorstyn and PhD student Rebecca Haub will present a webinar speaking about their recent work developing an online program for training employment skills in working-age adults with MS.
The researchers are currently undertaking a clinical trial to test the benefits of this program for promoting knowledge and skills that may help with MS to obtain or retain employment, with career development, in addition to enhancing mental health.

(Recorded May 2016)
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A randomised controlled trial of a tailored cognitive behavioural therapy based intervention for depression in those newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Presenter: Dr Litza Kiropoulos.

Dr Litza Kiropoulos is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne. This is a joint position with the Royal Melbourne Hospital where she is also a Senior Clinical Psychologist.

Dr Kiropoulos's research interests include assessing the relationships between mental and physical health, the implementation and evaluation of psychological interventions for depressive and anxiety disorders and psychological adjustment in patients with medical illnesses including multiple sclerosis. She is also interested in investigating the comparative efficacy and effectiveness of psychological treatments and new modes of treatment delivery, e.g, e-health. (Recorded November 2015).

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Transforming the Australian MS longitudinal study: adding value to a beautiful resource

Presenter: Associate Professor Ingrid Van Der Mei.

The presentation will cover the past and the future of the Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS). It will highlight achievements and outline the new directions that will be added to the AMSLS. Most importantly, the presentation is seeking active feedback from you during the presentation on an ambitious project called the “MS Portal”. This project will put MS research participants in charge of their information by allowing them to control which data they would like to connect. It is hoped that an MS Portal will improve patient care and quality of life, improve services, and expand research opportunities. (Recorded June 2015).

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Research into cognition and cognitive training in multiple sclerosis

Presenter: Professor John DeLuca & Dr Cynthia Honan.

Professor John Deluca

It was not so long ago that medical professionals did not believe that cognitive impairment was a symptom of multiple sclerosis. However, we now know that up to 70% of persons with multiple sclerosis experience cognitive impairment, which can have a significant impact on everyday functional activity. Dr. John DeLuca will discuss the nature of cognitive impairment and its impact on everyday life, and discuss recent research on cognitive rehabilitation.

Dr Cynthia Honan

The diagnosis of MS often occurs at time when a person is at the peak of their working career.Dr Cynthia Honan will speak about her research looking at the unique challenges faced by people with MS in the workplace, and what difficulties are most associated with work withdrawal. Dr Honan will also discuss the results of her most recent research looking at the interaction between a person’s perceptions of their cognitive difficulties, their actual cognitive difficulties, and levels of depression; and how these three factors influence work outcomes.

MS research update webinar - Professor John DeLuca & Dr Cynthia Honan

Professor John DeLuca is the senior vice president for research at the Kessier Foundation in the USA. He is also a Professor in Neuroscience at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Cynthia Honan is a neuropsychologist and early career researcher from the University of NSW. (Recorded July 2015).

Factors related to psychological adjustment among people with multiple sclerosis

Presenter: Professor Marita McCabe.

This presentation examines the nature of a person’s coping and psychosocial adjustment to multiple sclerosis. It explores the types of coping strategies that are most likely to be associated with successful adjustment. The session also discusses the impact of multiple sclerosis on relationships and sexuality. Finally, the types of activities and attitudes adopted by people who show better adjustment to multiple sclerosis will be discussed. (Recorded April 2015).

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MS Researcher Update - Dr Kenneth Pakenham

Using acceptance and mindfulness to enhance resilience in people living with MS and their carers. (Recorded November 2014).

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MS Researcher Update - Dr Suzi Claflin

Measuring and understanding multiple sclerosis progression
Dr Suzi Claflin is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Tasmania. Dr Claflin's studies include the long-term effects of disease modifying therapies and the impact of complimentary and alternative medicines on MS health outcomes.
In this presentation, Dr Claflin will discuss how MS disease progression is measured, the risk factors and what interventions affect MS disease progression. 
(Recorded 22 May 2018)

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