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Our MS research updates are part of our MS Education programs. They provide an opportunity to hear from MS researchers, they do not address individual circumstances or provide strategies.
MS Research Australia and MS co-hosted a series of MS Researcher Update webinars

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Gut Health and Multiple Sclerosis - World MS Day 2020

The World MS Day theme for 2020 is Connection to Self, and nothing is more central than our Gut Health. Dr Wolfgang Marx is a researcher based at Deakin University, Victoria. Wolf will update us on the progress of his research into the effect of gut bacteria on symptoms and progression of MS building on his previous presentation in 2019. Of particular interest to Wolf is the role of polyphenols – compounds found abundantly in spices, fruits and vegetables – in multiple sclerosis and the gut microbiome. (Recorded 29 May 2020)

Webinar Handouts: Gut Health and Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise and the Impact for Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise and an active lifestyle are beneficial for everyone. However, due to paralysis and fatigue, people living with advanced multiple sclerosis have restricted exercise options and find it difficult to exercise effectively. This presentation looks at the exercise options that are available for people living with advanced multiple sclerosis and specifically how Electrical Stimulation (ES) technology might be used to exercise the lower limbs, build muscle, and enhance the intensity of aerobic exercise in people living with advanced multiple sclerosis. Recommendations will be based on Dr Che Fornusek's findings from his recent MSRA funded studies. (Recorded 11 December 2019)

Webinar Handouts: Exercise and the impact for Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

The Role of Diet on Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis

This webinar is presented by Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist and researcher Dr Heather Francis. Dr Francis will present her research which includes investigating the effects of nutrition on brain function and factors related to cognitive fatigue in people living with multiple sclerosis. (Recorded 15 August 2019)

Note: due to technical issues on the day of recording, the audio cuts out briefly in a couple of places however the video is not affected. Please refer to the handouts for more information.
Webinar handouts: The Role of Diet on Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis & Heat Intolerance - Research Findings 

Dr Ollie Jay provides an update on the progress of his research into heat intolerance experienced by people living with multiple sclerosis. (Recorded 5 March 2019)

Webinar Handouts: MS and Heat Intolerance - Research Findings

Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Presented by Professor Ian McGregor from the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics. This webinar provides information on cannabinoid products in the context of multiple sclerosis. Providing participants with up to date information on things like what are cannabinoids, the side effects and prescription information. (Recorded December 2018)

Webinar Handouts: Medicinal Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis - What does it all mean for me?
Guidance Use - Medicinal Cannabis Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Measuring and Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Dr Suzi Claflin is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Tasmania. Dr Claflin's studies include the long-term effects of disease modifying therapies and the impact of complimentary and alternative medicines on MS health outcomes. In this presentation, Dr Claflin will discuss how MS disease progression is measured, the risk factors and what interventions affect MS disease progression. 
(Recorded 22 May 2018)

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