Common symptoms

Multiple sclerosis symptoms are varied and unpredictable for both men and women, depending on which part of the central nervous system is affected and to what degree.

The most common symptoms are fatigue, pain, bladder and bowel issues, spasticity, problems with vision, cognitive fog and changes in emotion. However, any neurological symptom may be caused by multiple sclerosis.

Some symptoms are immediately obvious. Other signs such as fatigue, numbness and cognitive fog, can be invisible. These can be hard to describe to others, which makes it hard for family and carers to understand. Our Seeing MS campaign tries to help others understand. We have many resources to help you manage your symptoms including a personalised symptom management report for six of the most common symptoms including emotions, fatigue, continence, pain, heat sensitivity and cognition with our Get Your ACT Together online tool.

What are the signs of MS?

Early signs and symptoms of MS can be detected in different ways and in different areas of the body:

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If you’re seeking more information about multiple or have questions about our other services, MS provides advice and support for people living with multiple sclerosis and their family and friends. We provide links to support and services for people living with multiple sclerosis and their extended support network.

Symptom management

There are several treatments available to ease specific symptoms and slow the progression of multiple sclerosis.

Support & services

You don’t have to explain yourself to us – we already get it – and we are here to help you and your family with all these things and more, while the search for a cure continues.

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