Approximately 75% of people with multiple sclerosis report problems with balance.

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Get Active with MS - focus on balance

This session is led by MS physiotherapists and has a special focus on understanding and managing issues with balance. (Recorded Feb 2015)

Seeing MS - You are now seeing Balance

Photographed by Andreas Smetana
Inspired by Carol Cooke's invisible symptom
I’ve bumped into walls. I’ve fallen to the ground. I just want to get up and keep going.


Damage to the brain’s balance functions means stability is no longer yours to control. The disease can force you to move left, right or fall to the ground.

Andreas Smetana

Andreas Smetana is an internationally acclaimed advertising photographer. Originally from Austria, his enthusiasm and talent has taken him to sets and studios across the globe.

About Carol

Carol Cooke, AM, has lived with MS since 1998. Her balance has been greatly affected, striking in bursts of spinning sensations. However it has not stopped her from becoming one of Australia’s most successful Paralympians, and she has just been awarded as a Member of the Order of Australia in January 2014.

Symptom management

There are several treatments available to ease specific symptoms and slow the progression of multiple sclerosis.

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