Scott's Story

Scott was an up-and-coming film producer, about to set off on an overseas holiday, when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

He tried not to let it interfere with his life. Unfortunately, things soon caught up with him. Scott couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t work, couldn’t even get himself dressed.

With support from donors, MS Connect was able to be his lifeline. It connected him with education sessions, letting him better understand the disease and his symptoms. Through MS Connect, Scott had someone who understood what he was going through and who was able to reassure him, letting him know he wasn’t alone.

Your donations enable people affected by multiple sclerosis to do all the everyday things we take for granted.

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Scott's Story

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At MS we want everyone living with multiple sclerosis to get the support they need to live the best life they can. We want them to be more than their disease.

Your donations enable people living with multiple sclerosis to do all the everyday things we take for granted.

Join us in making MS stand for more than multiple sclerosis.

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